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Discussion in 'MLS: News & Analysis' started by Papin, Nov 15, 2004.

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    Great press! How many other clubs would get that type of press for winning MLS Cup? Not many.

    Anyway, congratulations to DC and to their fans. I saw them play several times towards the end of the season and my comment then, and now, is finally an MLS team that actually plays like a Euro team! Congratulations especially to coach Nowak, who I think is the best coach in MLS.
  3. diablodelsol

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    My only wish is that the headline read: DC United: World Champions.
  4. pupusa3000

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    May 15, 2001
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    That is pretty cool, but not terribly surprising since the Washington Post gives a lot of love to D.C. United and soccer. They always have articles it seems like.
  5. Brrca Fan redded

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    Wait till Boreball starts playing there.

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