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    Nordecke Friendsgiving 11/16

    You are invited to the Nordecke's first ever Freindsgiving Event to be held at Endeavor Brewing on Saturday 11/16. Exact time is still being decided as we are looking to schedule around the OSU Football game that day. More then likely it will start around 3:30pm

    The Nordecke will provide a meat and non-meat main dish and we ask that you bring a dish to share with the group (not mandatory to attend).

    Our guest of honor for the event will be Writer, Crew Historian, and all around great guy Steve Sirk. Steve will be presenting and signing his newest masterpiece. A Massive Collection Volume 1 is the first wide-ranging collection of Steve's work, featuring long-lost stories dating as far back as 1997, plus many popular favorites from over the years. Copies are available now through an exclusive Nordecke presale, but act fast as the presale ends tomorrow Thursday 10/24. 10% of proceeds will go to help the Gladden House.

    There will be items we've accumulated over the years such as, 2009 team photo at the White House and Nordecke glass ware, available to purchase for a small donation. All funds raised will be donated to the Gladden House.

    If you plan on coming please fill out this form so we know how much food to get. Friendsgiving Form

    After dinner, we will hold a special meeting on the future of the Nordecke.

    *Also there are several members who have not picked up their 2019 membership items. Membership items will be available for pick up at this event.

    • What: Nordecke Friendsgiving

    • Where: Endeavor Brewing

    • When: Saturday 11/16; probably 3:30pm (time subject to change)

    • Guest of Honor: Steve Sirk

    • RSVP: Friendsgiving Form

    Columbus Supporters Council

    2019 was the year that wasn't supposed to happen. Because of members like you that contributed to an active, vibrant, supporter culture, we saved our team for all generations of Crew Supporters FOREVER!!!

    With the 2019 season behind us, now is an important time for our community as we look to 2020 and the future. In two years time, our little corner will turn into a giant end with twice the space to welcome new supporters to our family. We must ask ourselves how do we move forward? How can we continue to provide access to home and away games? How do we continue to do more tifo projects and all the other activities that we love to do in support of this great club?

    At the beginning of 2019 at the Nordecke membership kickoff party, we presented a Nordecke Council plan that functioned much as we have for the past few years with representation from each Individual Supporter Group acting as leadership. While this structure has served us well, it was apparent to us there were flaws to this system. First who decides who is or isn't a recognized supporter group to join leadership? Second, supporter groups tend to come and go as leadership within the groups decides to step away. Third, supporter groups are usually started as a group of friends, it can be hard for people to ascend into leadership positions.

    After months of deliberation by leadership, we unanimously approved new by-laws to go to members which we believe will allows us to move forward as a group. Our hope is to open up leadership and make the process of running this organization more democratic.

    As the Nordecke is a member first organization, we did not want to enact these by-laws without the feedback and consent of our members. Below is a link to the By-laws in their entirety for review. On 11/16 at Friendsgiving, leadership will be on hand to answer questions and we will vote by majority decision whether to enact these by-laws. If you are not able to attend, this discussion will be video streamed, and you can request an absentee ballot by filling out the Friendsgiving Form



    Statement of Purpose:

    • To initiate, stimulate and improve community involvement in the soccer programs and games specifically and especially organized by Columbus Crew SC and to promote and raise awareness of athletics excellence and participation in the community

    • To act as a supporters’ council for local soccer teams in the Columbus area, specifically and especially Columbus’ Major League Soccer

    • To embrace inclusivity and welcome the diversity and creativity this brings to our organization.

    • Form together as one group upon entering the stadium to support the players.

    • To work with MLS and the Team to adhere to the MLS Fan Code of Conduct and stadium rules to maintain a safe environment for our members and other team supporters

    • We agree to treat fans of other clubs, of whom wish to engage in debate and discourse without instigating violence, with respect when engaged outside of the stands.

    Elected Board of Directors

    Merchandise Director: Creates, develops, maintains, and ships merchandise.

    Communications Director: Responsible for strategic marketing, internal messaging, and external communications

    Operations Director: Responsible for match-day operations both in and out of the stadium. These duties include but are not limited to ticket sales and distribution, tailgate and/or match day supporter bars, and coordinating with various groups -- Capo’s, song sheets, drummers, banner set up crew, ect…

    Membership Director: Maintains supporter registration and email database; membership package and distribution; Coordinates/oversees all external activities, including but not limited to, sponsorships and social activities for members. Meets regularly with Supporter Groups.

    Community Director: Oversees the planning and implementation of outreach strategies related to community outreach initiatives

    Creative Director: Responsible for the design, planning, and execution of visual displays in the stadium and set up crew

    Travel Director: Coordinates/oversees activities related to travel and ticketing for away games, communicates with other clubs FOs

    Board of Directors votes among themselves to select an executive board consisting of:

    Chairperson: Presides over board meetings,

    Secretary: Assists Chairperson in coordinating of activities, distributes agenda, sets meeting times, responsible for minutes of meetings, keeps record of all votes.

    Treasurer: Recommending financial policies and procedures, distribute funds, find bookkeeper.

    Board of Directors meets once a month

    Voting for Board of Directors

    • Registered members vote for Board of Directors (In person or by absentee ballot)

    • Vote for Board at Annual General Meeting held in January

    • Any Registered member can run for a Board position
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    Kryptonite Fancy Title Here

    Apr 10, 1999
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    For people who didn't preorder, Steve Sirk will have a few copies of his book at Endeavor.

    Also, if you're looking for "A Massive Season" or "Kirk Urso: Forever Massive," there will be a very, very limited number of them there. Proceeds from the Urso book go to the team's Urso Fund.

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