Freddy on Futbol Mundia (again)

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    Freddy on Futbol Mundial (again)

    More Freddy on this week's FM. This time, they did a wrap-up segment on Finland, focusing on the importance of the the tournament as a spotlight for rising stars.

    Midway through, they highlighted Freddy.

    'One player who will certainly need a lot of good guidance is Freddy Adu -- the 14 year old, born in Ghana and now an American citizen -- who made a *big* impact in Finland.

    He doesn't play club football at the moment, although he could do it with goals like this.

    [Highlight of breakaway goal against South Korea]

    Manchester United made a point of meeting him when they were playing in the States recently.

    [Interview with Freddy]

    "It feels great, you know, because Manchester United is one of those clubs that I've admired since I was a baby and just to know that they know about me makes you feel [shaking head] ... just makes you go, *wow*, you know. You've gotta be doing something good for them to be talking about you, so keep it up!"'

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