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Discussion in 'Queens Park Rangers' started by Lloydy, Nov 5, 2004.

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    Afternoon all,

    I having been meaning to write a short piece about our on-loan American all week and here I am.

    I didn't know anything about him before he signed but have now seen him in our last two home matches. He is what you would expect from an Arsenal product, technically excellent but obviously lacking actual 'big' match experience (having I think made one appearance for Arsenal in a League Cup game last season).

    He is good on the ball and his passing is largely accurate, looks comfortable with the ball at his feet. He is not overly tall which playing at CB can be a problem but has acquited himself well and won his fair share of headers though when he's up against a big forward obviously can't get much distance on the headed clearance.

    The first game (Burnley) he appeared quick but was beaten a few times for pace against Millwall so I guess it depends who he is up against. He is quick enough but needs the extra cover from his colleagues on occasions (who doesn't!!).

    I imagine with Rowlands injured he will play RB with Bignot pushing into midfield. This will also mean I think we will try to extend his loan until the new year as Rowly isn't expected back until Christmas. With his height RB may suit him better anyway.

    So all in all another good loan signing by Ollie

    U Rssss
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    Thanks for the report on Simek. From all reports, he's not looked out of place at all and one of the websites listed him as MOTM against Millwall. Glad to hear it. I hope we are able to extend the loan. I'll be over for the Cardiff City match late this month and would like to see him play.

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