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Discussion in 'FC Gold Pride' started by Druid Squirrel, Dec 28, 2010.

  1. Druid Squirrel

    Dec 15, 2000
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    I'm going to blatantly copy what Cville K C is doing for the Athletica and start up a "where are they now" thread.

    A number of ex-FCGP players have landed on the Flash. At last count the list seems to be:

    Ali Riley
    Candace Chapman
    Kandace Wilson
    Brittany Cameron
    Becky Edwards
    Christine Sinclair

    Two players have signed with Boston:

    Rachel Buehler
    Kelley O'Hara

    Is that it, or am I missing anyone? I guess I'm not super-interested in tracking people like Formiga, Leslie Osborne or Kaley Fountain who played for FCGP at one point but were no longer with the team when it folded.

    Other names still available:

  2. Druid Squirrel

    Dec 15, 2000
    A hollow tree
    Carrie Dew has signed with Sky Blue FC.

    WNYF still leads with 6 former FCGP players.
    Boston has 2.
    SBFC now with 1.
  3. FawcettFan14

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    Mar 19, 2004
    Have there been any rumors about one of the teams picking up Tiffeny Milbrett? At her age, and having won a WPS title last season, it could be the right time to call it a career. At the same time, she's still playing at a very high level and would be an asset to any team as a super-sub (or occasional starter).
  4. kool-aide

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    I wonder how willing she is to leave California and/or the west coast. And I'm not sure WNY has roster room unless teams are able to sign folks to temp/short term contracts during the WWC period.

    With the OC group and the (if they're both still on) new teams for the WPSL/WLeague (unsure which they're playing in), I'd think Milbrett might end up staying put, so to speak.
  5. Hawkeye17

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    Add Marta to the list--the Flash wins the sweepstakes.

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