Forgettable Group Stage Matches

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    I need your help.

    I have a DVR hard drive full of World Cup games, and I am very near 100% capacity. Need to free up some space soon (or get a new wife), and my plan is to delete the worst of the group stage games as a starting point.

    Were there any matches that you saw in the group stage that were lacking quality play, intrigue, or anything of value? Would be interested to get this board's opinion.


    Anticipating a couple of "have you thought about..." suggestions:

    1. Not an option for me to transfer to a more permanent form like DVD-R. I don't have the technical skills, equipment, or patience/time.

    2. I'm not interested in hearing about everyone's "you must keep this game / it was the best" arguments. While that is one way to skin this cat, there is probably less ability to come to consensus on what quality looks like. And most importantly for me, I am looking for specific games to delete more than anything.

    3. Last but not least, if someone has already done the legwork on a blog somewhere, feel free to point me to it. Entirely possible my Google skills let me down, and there is a good resource out there.

    Thanks in advance!
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    Nat'l Team:
    Nigeria - Iran and Greece - Japan instantly spring to mind.
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  3. joebarnin

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    May 3, 2003
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    Concur on Iran-Nigeria - that was the worst group match. Greece-Japan wasn't much better. England-Costa Rica was pretty much meaningless and not very good. Those would be my top 3.

    (Interestingly, Italy-Uruguay didn't have much action either, except for a couple of minutes (the bite, and then the goal). You gotta hang onto that one, though.)

    After those three, there aren't many duds. Some of the round 3 games weren't meaningful (e.g., Spain-Australia) but still had some good goals.
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  4. SamsArmySam

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    Apr 13, 2001
    Minneapolis, MN
    Thanks for the input. I did not see these, but the write-ups on all confirmed your recommendations. 3 deletes.
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    United States
    Ecuador-France was another.... France already though, Ecuador's chances very remote...
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