For those going to the game in Chicago this Friday...

Discussion in 'Columbus Crew' started by Chris_Bailey, Oct 9, 2003.

  1. Chris_Bailey

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    Feb 28, 2000
    Columbus Crew
    1) There is no "away fans" section, we're scattered everywhere (Zak, that's one thing Crew management is definitely better at).

    2) Cheapest seats are sold and the best available at the moment are northend seats for 20 Bucks.

    3) They're having problems opening up the upper sections, so they may official "sell out" once the lower bowl seats are gone. That's where I'll be.

    They've sold around 26k so far and if you want tickets, call 1 888 MLS FIRE and talk to either Paul or Greg.
  2. Flyer Fan

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    Apr 18, 1999
    Columbus, OH
    You'll get no argument from me on this one, Chris. The Crew make it easy for away supporters by setting aside a section and allowing individuals to purchase tickets directly from the Crew within that section. This isn't the case with Chicago and DC, however. To guarantee a "section" I had to purchase (reserve) all the tickets up front; basically I was buying 50-100 tickets and then re-selling them to you guys. This method is just a pain - I was fronting all the money (which is pretty damned expensive), people had to pay me in cash or check rather than being able to use credit cards (short of PayPal or something similar), I had to get all the tickets delivered to me and then distributed out to you guys, etc. The way the Crew handle away supporters is far better.
  3. HalaMadrid

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    Apr 9, 1999
    Just FYI, we usually do have an away section, but do to the newness of the building and getting settled in, it hasn't been established yet is all.

    It proably will be somewhere near where the section was toward the end of the last run...lower northwest corner.

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