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Discussion in 'D.C. United' started by morrissey, Oct 8, 2020.

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    I just watched the Hernan Losada press conference. The guy is really likeable. He also answers questions directly and, I believe, honestly. None of the Ben Olsen dodge/coach speak.

    A few highlights for me.

    Kasper lead off and was much like Olsen. Said a lot of words without actually saying anything. One question on future transfer targets he said they would get started soon and that He and Losada had spoken briefly on the subject. Meanwhile Losada answered the same question by saying up front he preferred to keep that conversation confidential with he and Dave, but that they had spoken about it quite a lot and they know what areas need improvement. That sort of clarity hopefully transfers to his comms with players and inspires them even further. When Arena did so well in DC he was credited with being open/honest with his players.

    Jason Anderson asked some really good questions. Whoever you are, kudos! Amare Seco (sic) asked a really good question about how Losada wanted to play. It kicked off several follow ups from other reporters and it's clear that Losada only has a basic view of what he wants to do. Fitness is going to be the #1 priority. There will be an aggressive defense and he wants to attack, but he understands he will need to adapt to travel, heat, and players.

    I only wish someone had asked him about pre-season and fitness. I've heard Ben Olsen complain about not being fit for 10 years and yet, the team always had a softball pre-season. If Losada is truely a Bielsa protoge there will be "murderball" sessions that guarantee fitness or death ;-) .
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    I imagine Losada has talked with his former teammate Fred Brillant about DCU and its roster. Actually, Brillant is getting up in years and could be a possible Assistant Coach here to help Losada get started.
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    My big takeaway was when he was asked about the differences and similarities between Belgium and MLS. He noted that there were 4 or 5 teams in Belgium with much higher budgets that tended to dominate. In MLS, he saw more parity and paraphrasing him -- you can win if you are a bit smarter in your tactical approach to each game. While DCU never will be throwing money around like Toronto, LAFC, the Galaxy and the like, it showed me that he believed a competitive team could be put together on a reasonable budget. His mention of Columbus as the winner last year was his example. Overall, I thought he was impressive and I liked his comment that you had to create a "family" at a team that included not only the players but the entire team and stadium support staff. I think this guy will be a revelation -- at least I sure hope so.
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    sure to "please" most on this board (but has been commented on already) is confirmation that Hernan will bring on an additional assistant coach while Ashton and Thornton will remain on, at least for the near term (next season).
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    I like how I can forget I made a joke about hiring a retired school teacher. Come back days later and there's an actual hire and lots of opining on it. Yet it still circles back to the "hiring a retired school teacher" joke.

    I think we have our 'next' hire targeted!
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    He'd be a bigger disaster in MLS.
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