FC Dallas Partners with Time Warner Cable for TV Broadcasts

Discussion in 'FC Dallas' started by Pegasus, Feb 24, 2013.

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    Beating a dead horse, with a Spanish twist

    My experience for 2012:
    1] DISH LATINO MAX subscriber (this is top tier for DISH in Spanish)
    2] DISH offers MLS DIRECT KICK
    3] DISH offers ESPN, ESPN2, ESPND (Spanish)
    4] DISH offers Univision, Unimas, Univision Deportes, Telefutura, Telemundo, Fox, FSC (now FS1)

    I am a happy customer, I can view all of the FCD away games, and can record home games if I want

    My experience for 2013:
    FACTS 1 - 4 are still true:

    5] DISH offers NBCSN
    6] DISH offers BeIn sports

    I think I will be a happy camper...BUT....then comes the fine print

    MLS Direct Kick will BLACK OUT ALL FCD games (home or away) that are shown by TWCSC (channel not available on DISH) -
    :( I'm NOT happy, this is all announced after the package has already been bought - grrr
    No NBCSN available to DISH LATINO subscribers. (That's right, DISH only allows ENGLISH DISH subscriptions to purchase the NBCSN channel...But you can add it by switching to the top-tier english package which also includes all the add-on movie packages and you will still get some of the local over the air Spanish channels)
    :mad: Now I am angry (channeling Marvin the Martian)

    So, to recap - I have been able to watch/record only 7 of 32 FCD games (those shown on ESPN/UNI family of channels, or TXA21) thank goodness I could still watch all of my favorite former FCD players on their current teams!
    (NER - Toja, DCU - Saragosa, Ruiz, NYRB - Dax, Hartman, Alexander, Pearce, COL - Moor, Harris, Wallace, SEA - EJ, SJE - Chavez, Goodson, CHIVAS - Avila, TFC - Wiedeman, plus Kries, Pareja, Cassar, Dir)
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    Aside from the FCD fiasco, I still have a nit with Dish for not carrying GolTV.

    Curious how which SH recruits are now playing for other MLS teams ?
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    No one holds a candle to DirecTV when it comes to watching soccer. Just a simple fact ;)
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    U-verse is looking pretty good now since they picked up BEIN and didn't drop GOL in the process.

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