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    Many names are probably only known in England but some might cause a good debate/discussion here.


    Ray Brooks (Actor - Eastenders, Robbie Box in Big Deal & Narrator of Mr Benn)
    Sharon Duce (Actress - Big Deal)
    Dominic Guard (Actor & Sharon Duce's partner)
    Christopher Guard (Actor - Dominic's brother & Cathy Shipton's partner)
    Cathy Shipton (Actress, Nurse Duffy in Casualty)
    Michael Redfern (The OXO Dad)
    Hugh Grant (Actor)
    Iain Fletcher or "That bloke off The Bill" (Actor - DC Rod Skase in The Bill)
    Neil Dudgeon (Actor - Ginger haired detective from BBC's Messiah - pretty sure he used to sit near me in block H3)
    Daniel Radcliffe (Actor -Harry Potter, though now seems he's not really interested in football but lives in Fulham)
    Keith Allen (Actor, Comedian)
    Willie Rushton (Actor & Satirist)
    Nigel Havers (Actor)
    Liz Frazer (Actress, Carry-On Films)
    Sam Kydd (Actor)
    Bella Emberg (Actress, Russ Abbott sidekick)
    Pierce Brosnan (Actor, James Bond)
    Kerok Malikyan (Actor - Greek bloke off Mind Your Language)
    Fulton MacKay (Actor - Mr MacKay in Porridge)
    Tony Booth (Actor & Father of Cherie Blair)
    Tony Curtis (Actor)
    Ben Chaplin (Actor, Game-On and a film with a long title)
    Patrick Mower (Actor, Emmerdale & Hazel)
    John Woodvine (Actor)
    Honor Blackman (Actress, ********** Galore in James Bond)
    Nick Frost (Actor & Comedian)
    Television Celebrities
    "Nasty" Nick Bateman (Big Brother)
    Georgie Thompson (Sky Sports News presenter)
    Isobel Lang (BBC Weather)
    Emily Maitlis (BBC News)
    Scorpio (from Gladiators)
    Tim Ewart (ITN Sports Editor)
    Des Lynham (Brighton supporter but regular attender at FFC for 2005/06)
    Kirsty Gallacher (Presenter - Really a Liverpool fan but has attended in the past possibly due to her Dad)
    Nick Ross (Presenter, BBC Crimewatch)
    Keith Chegwin (Presenter, Chegger's Plays Pop)
    Richard Parks (Fame Academy)
    "Handy" Andy Kane (TV Handyman)


    Michael Jackson (Singer)
    Ralph McTell (Folk Musician)
    Dave Parsons (Musician, Bass Guitarist from Bush)
    Lily Allen (Singer - well maybe not but she did have a shot of the Stevenage Road stand in one of her videos)
    Alex James (Musician, Bass Guitarist from Blur & pal of Keith Allen)
    Sam Jeffers (Musician, Drummer with Fridge)
    Kai Stephens (Musician, Bass Guitarist in Hard-Fi) or it could be Ross Phillips (Guitarist in Hard-Fi)
    Les Gray (Singer, Mud)
    Sade (Singer)
    Richard Drummie (Musician, Go West - though it might be Peter Cox)
    Paul Roberts (Singer, The Stranglers replacing Hugh Cornwall)
    Dusty Springfield (Singer)
    Example (Rapper)
    Billy Franks (Singer, The Faith Brothers)
    Kate Nash (Singer & friend of Lily Allen)
    Jamie T (Singer)
    Alan Price (Musician)
    Derek "The Draw" Hussey (Singer with The Blockheads)
    Patrick (Singer & Guitarist with Von Tramp)
    Andy Scott Lee (Singer & brother of Lisa Scott Lee from Steps)
    Other Arts & Entertainment
    John O’Farrell (Author & Broadcaster)
    "Diddy" David Hamilton (DJ)
    Dennis Potter (Playwright)
    Tommy Trinder (Comedian and ex-Chairman)
    Johnny Speight (Writer of "Til Death Us Do Part")
    John Sullivan (Writer of "Only Fools & Horses" and "Citizen Smith")


    Wolfie Smith ("Citizen Smith" played by Robert Lindsey)
    Terry McCann ("Minder" played by Dennis Waterman)
    Ronald "Budgie" Bird ("Budgie" played by Adam Faith)
    George ("Men Behaving Badly" played by Ian Lindsay)
    DC "Dangerous" Davies ("The Last Detective" played by Peter Davison)
    Mod ("The Last Detective" played by Sean Hughes)


    Steve Norris MP (was Everton but now a FFC regular)
    Steve Pound MP
    Martin Linton MP
    Tony Blair (ex-PM, well he did admit that Steed was his favourite player)


    Jimmy Hill (ex-Player, ex-Chairman, TV Presenter & part time linesman)
    Bernard Gallacher (Golfer)
    Tim Henman (Tennis Player - dubious!)
    Andy Woodman (Journeyman Goalkeeper - suggested he may be a Palace fan)
    Dario Gradi (Football Manager)
    Alan Pardew (Football Manager)
    Alan Smith (Football Manager)


    Max Clifford (Publicist)
    The Bloke Karate Kicked by Eric Cantona (Assumed he was a Palace fan but apparently he was a regular at Fulham)
    Pope John Paul II (Pope)
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    Nov 26, 2007
    You seem to have missed the biggest fan of all - Tommy Trinder - old time comedian - presenter of "Sunday Night at the London Palladium and, many years ago - Fulham FC chairman. His catchphrase was "you lucky people" Many years ago when Fulham won their FA cup semi-final replay at Maine Road Mr Trinder was wondering around with a big smile on his face saying, non stop - "You Lucky People"

    As good a night that was in Manchester the cup final was a real letdown. Only Alan Slough performed!!

    Oh well, good days.
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    Nov 26, 2007
    Sorry - you did have Tommy Trinder!!!
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    wow thats an impressive list, i think i have an idea for the new FFC slogan:

    Come to Craven Cottage - Where else would you find Harry Potter, Michael Jackson, James Bond and the Pope?

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