FA Cup 2017/18

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    Went to my first match in the FA Cup this season, a preliminary round match between Midland League Quorn FC and Northern Counties East League AFC Mansfield. The away team winning 3-1 on the recently installed plastic pitch at Farley Way.

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    http://www.cambridge-news.co.uk/spo...s/ex-cambridge-united-leicester-city-13502984 says Steve Claridge is playing at age 51. Due to injuries on Salisbury, the club he manages, he decided to play, and Salisbury won their Preliminary Round game. Salisbury plays in the eighth level Evo-Stik League Southern.

    It's fun looking at the attendances on Wikipedia. The Preliminary Round games excluding replays that haven't happened yet had attendances from 35 to 1,420.

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