F--- Off To the Football League-Ken Bates

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    Loudest chant of the game at a raucous EL, that and "Zero! Zero!" and "90 more points to go until we win promotion" and a couple of rounds of MOT.
    The atmosphere for our sixth win on the bounce was incredible.

    Here are the programme notes from Ken Bates, he seems to think that the points may be overturned eventually on legal appeal. After all we haven't broken any rules or laws. The Football League punished us for no good reason apart from HMRC refusing to allow us to complete ANY CVA, before anyone dives in with "But he was only offering 8p". HMRC have publically admitted that they would have appealed any amount, as they feel they should be paid in full, like football creditors. They were effectively and admittedly trying to get a test case. They appealed the CVA on the last day, and then dropped the appeal on the deadline before the court case. Thus we were punished for not doing the impossible, and before anyone else pipes up, they can show me the written rule that says a club must have a CVA. There isn't one.

    Anyway Mr Bates writes:

    To be honest I have always disliked Bates, but he took on debt from Ridsdale, and could have cut and run and done a big property deal on the stadium buy back agreement. It would have made him £60m, the club has been valued at £35m. I have turned my opinion. He has created the hatred of the FL for their unfair punishment, and he has effectively laid the foundations for us to go back up. That isn't based on us winning, I felt the same from the time I saw the Morris documents about him doing a deal on the surrounding land and the stadium (check out Google maps, search for Leeds United FC and notice the empty land to the west of the stadium, used now as carparks, and the land bounded by the motorway to the north, and the bus station and buildings to the east).


    Now we really are Leeds UNITED.

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