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  1. shuvy87

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    Oct 17, 2003
    Liverpool FC
    Nat'l Team:
    J.LEAGUE Official Site (English / Japanese)
    JFA Official Site (English / Japanese)
    JFL Official Site (Japanese only)

    www.japanesesoccer.net (English Daily New Site)
    The Rising Sun News (very informative)
    Nippon Ganbare (FRENCH)
    Futbol Japones (SPANISH)

    Wikipedia (English / Japanese)
    Japanese Non-league Football News
    Mike Tuckerman
    Tokyo 2007


    Albirex Nigata

    Avispa Fukuoka
    SUPER Avispa!

    Cerezo Osaka
    Cerezo Osaka FC

    Consadole Sapporo
    Consadole Ole!
    Space MasaMaru Part3  

    F.C. Gifu
    Forza FC Gifu

    F.C. Tokyo
    Aishiteru Tokyo

    JEF United Chiba

    Kawasaki Frontale
    Kawasaki Frontale Supporters UK

    Kyoto Sanga F.C.
    Oretachi no Kyoto

    Mito HollyHock
    Mito HollyHock News and Results

    Omiya Ardija
    Go! Go! Omiya Ardija

    Shimizu S-Pulse
    S-Pulse UK Ultras Online

    Tokyo Verdy 1969
    Soilent Green 1969

    Urawa Reds
    Reds Hot Journal

    Vissel Kobe
    La Famiglia di Kobe

    Yokohama F.C.
    Shrimp with YOKOHAMA FC

    Yokohama F. Marinos
    Tricolore Pride

    *I listed the sites that I know. If you want to add your sites/blogs, PM me*
  2. shuvy87

    shuvy87 Moderator
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    Oct 17, 2003
    Liverpool FC
    Nat'l Team:
    J.LEAGUE/JNT FAQs (updated: Dec 2007)

    Why does Japanese clubs have weird names?
    Are you kidding me? They have the coolest names!! Jokes aside, you may find your answer in this thread.

    How many clubs/divisions are in J.LEAGUE?
    In 2008, there are two divisions in the league. J.LEAGUE Division 1 (J1) has 18 clubs, where as Division 2 (J2) has 15 clubs, two more than in the previous season.

    In 2007, the top two finishers in J2 promote and replace the bottom two J1 clubs. The third place J2 club plays two-legged playoffs against the 16th J1 club for a place in J1.

    Plans for J.LEAGUE expansion?
    J1 will stay with 18 clubs for a while. Current plans states that J2 (not J1) will expand to 18 clubs by 2010 and as many as 22 clubs in next ten years. However, these are just plans. If the league becomes financially unstable, plans could be ceased.

    Is there amature leagues under J.LEAGUE?
    Japan Football League or JFL (18 clubs)
    9 Regional Leagues (some with multi-divisions)
    47 Prefectual League (some with multi-divisions)
    More on Japanese Football League System

    more FAQ to be added!!

    *Help me complete the FAQs (also by PMing me)*

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