Explaining doping to your kid ??

Discussion in 'Parenting & Family' started by jeremys_dad, Feb 9, 2013.

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    I just posted thi in youth soccer , and then searched our site for doping (there's a lot) ...I just now I found out about this. Any ideas?

    Having spent over seven years of lecture time on the four W's ....... wine. women. weed. and wagering, I completely didn't think that doping was a major aspect of soccer...DUH Went to a site for highlight and classic video www.4dfoot.com and there were articles about doping.
    I feel so stupid not getting time in about this. While a strong possibility of me being the most naive member in here exist, I'm quite likely not the only one who's naive.
    So far I thought of working his teacher to task him with writing a term paper..... so I can hear his " I know all about this Dad" mantra.
    Any links, hints, tips, or ideas about discussing doping with teens would be greatly appreciated.
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    My son's a big baseball fan and a tween. I explain to him that Sammy Sosa was a skinny Dominican kid who might hit 25-30 HRs when he came up and through the miracle of 'roids he hit double that a few yrs later. Not sure if I scared him away or encouraged him. :eek:
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    was rather bliase when talking to a nephew about this.. just compared it to a house..

    as kids, bones (the frame) were like wood, it bends, breaks, can't carry that much weight,
    few years into more mature (physically of course), the frame upgrades so wont break, but now consider the joints, hinges, that can't take the stress.
    as adult, body is a temple (built to last) so need to worry about the practitioners inside.. ie, don't offer them posioned wine.

    I left up to him about making the choice either way but don't think I was to subtle about the issue

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