Everton Appoint Ancelotti, Journalists regurgitate each others vomit and spread it everywhere

Discussion in 'Everton' started by Pigs, Dec 22, 2019.

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    Everton have appointed one of the most succesful managers in world football. An amazing four and a half year deal making him the third best paid manager behind Pep-face and Mourinho in England.

    CARLO ANCELOTTI, a guy whose proven to be one of the most adaptive managers in world football, winning leagues in England, France, Italy, and Germany. A guy who has been a success in five different countries, winning the champions League with Real Madrid and AC Milan x2.

    According to former Arsenal player, and current worst pundit on Soccer Saturday, the drunkard Paul Merson. Everton are in "cloud cuckoo land".

    Thanks Paul. The guy who hasn't got a clue and constantly apologizes for getting it wrong.

    According to Mark Doyle at goal.com, it will only end in tears.

    Stan Collymore beforehand compared Ancelotti to a maggot.

    Dominc King, the guy at the Daily Mail who has never anything good to say about Everton. Headlined with:
    Will starstruck Everton never learn?


    It amazes me how journalists (mainly British) have already written off Ancelott as just a manager that gets stars together, teams that are already in place, and just manages to win with them by patting them on the back and massaging their inflated ego's. Apparently that's ALL he offers.

    Here's hoping that all these journalists choke on it. And no doubt they will.

    However there isn't just bad words:
    BBC's Paul McNulty called it a massive coup in his fair approach.

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