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    The following was announced today:
    • Dates of all final tournament matches
    • Kick-off times for the opening match, quarter-finals, semi-finals and final
    • Venues for specific round of 16 and quarter-final matches

    The remaining match pairings and kick-off times will be added after the final draw in December 2019.

    The tournament kicks off in Rome on 12 June at 21:00 CET.
    From then on there will be two to four matches per day until 24 June.

    Rest days on 25 and 26 June

    ROUND OF 16
    27 June in London . 1A -v- 2C
    27 June in Amsterdam: 2A -v- 2B
    28 June in Bilbao: 1B -v- 3A/D/E/F
    28 June in Budapest: 1C -v- 3D/E/F
    29 June in Copenhagen: 2D -v- 2E
    29 June in Bucharest: 1F -v- 3A/B/C
    30 June in Glasgow: 1E -v- 3A/B/C/D
    30 June in Dublin: 1D -v- 2F

    Rest days on 1 and 2 July

    3 July in St. Petersburg at 18:00CET
    3 July in Munich at 21:00CET
    4 July in Baku at 18:00CET
    4 July in Rome at 21:00CET

    Rest days on 5 and 6 July

    7 July in London at 21:00CET
    8 July in London at 21:00CET

    Rest days on 9, 10, 11 July

    12 July in London at 21:00CET

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    Jun 12, 2018
    wow a lot of flying to do for the teams in Group A
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    I just finished the WC2018, already thinking about this competition, sounds pretty hard to organise. I live in Amsterdam but maybe I want to follow France.
    Can't wait to see the ticket thread popping up haha
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    Match# Data Dia Country/City Match

    Groupe A

    1 12-06-2020 fri Itália/Roma A1 -A2
    2 13-06-2020 sat Azerbaijão/Baku A3 -A4
    13 17-06-2020 wed Azerbaijão/Baku A1 -A3
    14 17-06-2020 wed Itália/Roma A2 -A4
    25 21-06-2020 sun Azerbaijão/Baku A4 -A1
    26 21-06-2020 sun Itália/Roma A2 -A3

    Groupe B
    3 13-06-2020 sat Dinamarca/Copenhaga B1 -B2
    4 13-06-2020 sat Rússia/S. Petersburgo B3 -B4
    15 17-06-2020 wed Rússia/S. Petersburgo B1 -B3
    16 18-06-2020 thu Dinamarca/Copenhaga B2 -B4
    27 22-06-2020 mon Dinamarca/Copenhaga B4 -B1
    28 22-06-2020 mon Rússia/S. Petersburgo B2 -B3

    Groupe C
    5 14-06-2020 sun Holanda/Amesterdão C1 -C2
    6 14-06-2020 sun Roménia/Bucareste C3 -C4
    17 18-06-2020 thu Holanda/Amesterdão C2 -C4
    18 18-06-2020 thu Roménia/Bucareste C1 -C3
    29 22-06-2020 mon Holanda/Amesterdão C4 -C1
    30 22-06-2020 mon Roménia/Bucareste C2 -C3

    Groupe D
    7 14-06-2020 sun Inglaterra/Londres D1 -D2
    8 15-06-2020 mon Escócia/Glasgow D3 -D4
    19 19-06-2020 fri Escócia/Glasgow D1 -D3
    20 19-06-2020 fri Inglaterra/Londres D2 -D4
    31 23-06-2020 tue Escócia/Glasgow D4 -D1
    32 23-06-2020 tue Inglaterra/Londres D2 -D3

    Groupe E
    9 15-06-2020 mon Espanha/Bilbau E1 -E2
    10 15-06-2020 mon Irlanda/Dublin E3 -E4
    21 19-06-2020 fru Irlanda/Dublin E1 -E3
    22 20-06-2020 sat Espanha/Bilbau E2 -E4
    33 24-06-2020 wed Espanha/Bilbau E4 -E1
    34 24-06-2020 wed Irlanda/Dublin E2 -E3

    Groupe F
    11 16-06-2020 tue Hungria/Budapeste F1 -F2
    12 16-06-2020 tue Alemanha/Munique F3 -F4
    23 20-06-2020 sat Hungria/Budapeste F1 -F3
    24 20-06-2020 sat Alemanha/Munique F2 -F4
    35 24-06-2020 wed Hungria/Budapeste F4 -F1
    36 24-06-2020 wed Alemanha/Munique F2 -F3

    38 27-06-2020 sat Holanda/Amesterdão 2A -2B
    37 27-06-2020 sat Inglaterra/Londres 1A -2C
    39 28-06-2020 sun Espanha/Bilbau 1B -3A/D/E/F
    40 28-06-2020 sun Hungria/Budapeste 1C -3D/E/F
    42 29-06-2020 mon Dinamarca/Copenhaga 2D -2E
    41 29-06-2020 mon Roménia/Bucareste 1F -3A/B/C
    44 30-06-2020 tue Irlanda/Dublin 1D -2F
    43 30-06-2020 tue Escócia/Glasgow 1E -3A/B/C/D

    45 03-07-2020 fri Rússia/S. Petersburgo V41-V42
    46 03-07-2020 fri Alemanha/Munique V39-V37
    48 04-07-2020 sat Itália/Roma V43-V44
    47 04-07-2020 sat Azerbaijão/Baku V40-V38

    49 07-07-2020 tue Inglaterra/Londres V45-V46
    50 08-07-2020 wed Inglaterra/Londres V48-V47

    51 12-07-2020 sun Inglaterra/Londres V49-V50

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  5. tedmak

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    Nov 11, 2017
    The draw for this will be the biggest farce going.
    In fact - why even bother with a draw? Why not just pick the groups and be done with it?

    That being said - I will be applying for either St Petersburg or Amsterdam tickets. I fancy a trip around Russia again (I assume they will do the fan ID thing again).

    Every qualified host would be guaranteed two home games in the group phase, but there would be no such guarantee for the knockout stage. A maximum of two host teams would be drawn into each of the six groups.

    The Stadio Olimpico in Rome will host the opening game.

    Group A: Rome and Baku
    Group B: Saint Petersburg and Copenhagen
    Group C: Amsterdam and Bucharest
    Group D: London and Glasgow
    Group E: Bilbao and Dublin
    Group F: Munich and Budapest
  6. BocaFan

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    Agree that its a little mickey-mouse the way the hand-selected the hosts for each group meaning for.e.g that if both England and Scotland qualify they would automatically be grouped together. I'm sorta hoping that a bunch of hosts fail to qualify for that reason.

    I actually like how the seeding for the final draw is done. It gives extra incentive to win your qualifying group. And generally speaking the winner of the qualifying group is the best team so don't think the Euro 2020 groups will be abnormally unbalanced.
  7. tedmak

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    Nov 11, 2017
    am not sure I follow you on winning the qualifying group.
    The big advantage is being a host as we are looking at Spain, Germany, Italy, Denmark and Russia all having home games (at least two).
    That is a big legup into the last 16 and then you go from there.
    OK - they might not qualify but usually with 24 teams, is not that likely.
  8. BocaFan

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    Aug 18, 2003
    Brooklyn, NY
    Yeah being a host is a pretty big advantage, no doubt about that. However, one of the big advantages that traditionally come with being a host is that you also get a #1 seed for the group-stage draw. Doesn’t look like hosts will get that luxury in 2020. As I understand it, the seeding will be done as follows:

    Pot 1: The six best group winners in qualifying.
    Pot 2: The four worst group winners and 2 best runners-up
    Pot 3: The 3rd to 8th-best runners-up in qualifying groups.
    Pot 4: The 2 worst runners-up in qualifying plus the 4 playoff winners.

    (though its not totally clear to me - see article 18 & 23 in: )

    So looks like you can still end-up in pot 4 if you're a host and barely qualify.
  9. tedmak

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    Nov 11, 2017
    I hear what you are saying - and makes some sense. But being a host beats being seed number one. Look at the tournament we have just seen.
    Another thing is - being the hose usually means you get your group matches in your country - not necessarily all in the same stadium. This is even more advantageous for the hosts.

    But, anyway, I will be going. Just need to decide where.
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  10. HansWorldCup

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    Jan 10, 2018
    Bah no games in Stockholm...

    I hope this is going to work,
  11. Gibraldo

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    Didn't anyone highly paid at UEFA notice what farce this Round of 16 schedule is?

    With that possible allocation of 3rd placed teams, it might happen, that teams from the group phase will meet again already in the quarter finals?! As I highlighted, 1A and 3A as well as 1D and 3D might play out a QF each.

    The 24 team format with 3rd placed teams advancing is not a smart solution in general, but former tournament designers managed at least to avoid teams facing each other again before the semi finals. (have a look on 3rd placed team distribution rules at World Cup 1986-1994 as well as Euro 2016).

    This has further consequences. UEFA had to insert 2 rest days after the group phase (also because of this scrappy round of 16 design). This means, that a 3rd placed team of group A might play its last group match on 21st of June and might have its round of 16 match on June 30 in Glasgow. This means 8 (!!) rest days. The record that comes to my mind was the CSFR having to rest 7 days between Rof16 and QF.

    What a lousy scheduling effort...
  12. BocaFan

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    Yeah that seems odd. Although I think 3A would only have a 20% chance of winding-up in that quadrant. And then the odds of them beating a group winner is also unlikely. So probably only about a 5% chance of two teams from grop A meeting twice in their first 5 matches.

    Not sure the reason. Perhaps it has to do with travel considerations (?).
  13. Gibraldo

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    Nov 17, 2005
    Pfaffenhofen / Ilm
    FK Crvena Zvezda Beograd
    at least, qatar 2022 won't be proned by a schedule travesty due to travel considerations
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    I'm not saying you're wrong, but do you have a link to the distribution rules?
  15. unclesox

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    The distribution for the '86-'94 World Cups is the exact same one that FIFA have used for the U-20/Youth World Cup since that tournament expanded to 24 teams starting with the 1997 tournament in Malaysia.

    Match #37: winner Group C -v- third place Group A/B/F
    Match #38: runner-up Group C -v- runner-up Group A
    Match #39: runner-up Group F -v- runner-up Group B
    Match #40: winner Group A -v- third place Group C/D/E
    Match #41: winner Group F -v- runner-up Group E
    Match #42: winner Group B -v- third place Group A/C/D
    Match #43: winner Group D -v- third place Group B/E/F
    Match #44: winner Group E -v- runner-up Group D

    Match #45: winner Match #43 -v- winner Match #38
    Match #46: winner Match #41 -v- winner Match #42
    Match #47: winner Match #44 -v- winner Match #37
    Match #48: winner Match #40 -v- winner Match #39

    link to 2017 U-20 World Cup match schedule

    If you're still not convinced, I have newspaper scrapbooks that I made for the '86, '90 and '94 World Cups and I'm certain they all include the match schedule/second round distribution. But they're all in a storage unit at the moment and I won't be able to get to them until Friday (my next day off work).
    But FIFA have always used the above formula for their 24-team tournaments.
  16. BocaFan

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    When the Euros was a 16-team tournament they also made some odd choices for the knockout stage brackets like this. Teams in the same group would have a chance to meet each other in the semis (which was just the second KO round). So, for e.g., Russia and Spain met in the group stage in 2008, both won their first KO match and then met again in their 2nd KO match.
  17. EvanJ

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    I believe you. Those rules allow for multiple situations that would fit. For example, let's say Groups A through D had their third place teams advance. You could put A in Match 37, B in Match 43, and C and D could go in Match 40 and Match 42 in either order. I like what AFC did at which has separate listings for the Round of 16 for all 15 combinations of third place teams that could advance.
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  18. Timanfaya

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    May 31, 2005
    Here's the equivalent matrix for 2020:
           WB WC WE WF
    ABCD   3A 3D 3B 3C
    ABC E  3A 3E 3B 3C
    ABC  F 3A 3F 3B 3C
    AB DE  3D 3E 3A 3B
    AB D F 3D 3F 3A 3B
    AB  EF 3E 3F 3B 3A
    A CDE  3E 3D 3C 3A
    A CD F 3F 3D 3C 3A
    A C EF 3E 3F 3C 3A
    A  DEF 3E 3F 3D 3A
     BCDE  3E 3D 3B 3C
     BCD F 3F 3D 3C 3B
     BC EF 3F 3E 3C 3B
     B DEF 3F 3E 3D 3B
      CDEF 3F 3E 3D 3C
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    Nov 19, 2018
    Awesome, thanks for the info

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