Eulogy: Portland Timbers (2001-2010)

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    The Portland Timbers (2001-2010) were laid to rest after losing to the Vancouver Whitecaps, the gregarious foes of BC, on aggregate 1:2. The first match was unforgettably awful and the second filled with moments of hope and redemption but ultimately left with broken dreams and missed opportunities.

    The Portland Timbers were born after a great push to renovate the City of Portland's Civic Stadium. Seismic upgrades, box suites, better seats for half the stadium, a new press box, and upgrade amenities all geared towards improving the experience of baseball. The group who promised big things in the stadium didn't realize their marquee team would play second fiddle to the other minor league team. A new soccer era in Portland, unknown to many at the time, would blossom into a crown jewel of division 2 soccer in America. Highs, lows, but ultimately loved by many. The Portland Beavers' location is currently unknown and presumed homeless, last seen on their way to California.

    A motley crew of a few die-hards started banging on drums, and in a few seasons they would live up to the moniker that Portland is "Soccer City USA." Their numbers swelled after a few seasons and they became the Timbers Army.

    A turning point when happened the Timbers were acquired by a man with a vision, Merritt Paulson. Before he arrived in Portland he wanted to bring MLS to the people of Portland. Unfortunately, in its wake, the Portland Timbers of USL died.

    Goodbye ALeagueUSLUSSFD2.

    The spirit of the Portland Timbers have moved on to a better place.

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