ESPN Video on Solo's Dad

Discussion in 'USA Women: News and Analysis' started by SoccerKicks, Oct 1, 2007.

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    Thank you for posting! :)
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    thanks, espn cut this out of the replay.
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    This is a very touching video and it seems it even brought a tear to Julie Foudy's eye. After what's happened to Hope her teammates are a bunch of damn AS*SHOLES for totally ostracizing her like this. It's beyond belief they are treating her like this.

    Justice will only be served once Hope is the starter again and that means the bozo Ryan has to go!

    And ESPN are a bunch of idiots for not showing the vidoe on the replay but yet they show countless replays of put you to sleep horribly boring baseball and auto racing!
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    Yes, the video was touching. In the original broadcast, the studio guy (whatsisname - and who cares?) tried to get Julie to admit she got choked up by it, but she was having none of it, and wouldn't respond.

    Fact is - name me a human being on this planet that could not put some kind of touching (3-minute) video together about their life? I mean, we all have someone in our family who has passed away - grandfather, uncle, dog ... We're ALL good for a little sob. Doesn't change the fact that you've got to bear up to responsibilities toward others.

    Yeah, Ryan created a mess, but Hope didn't need to stare daggers from her eyes throughout the game (even before her comments); she was not supporting the team during the game - she was indulging herself in her own private snit. What a way to honor her father!

    Compare the class Silke Rottenberg showed during the award ceremony. The greatest 'keeper in the world - didn't play a minute in the WWC, and was there (in full uniform, including gloves and all) fully cheering the team and its accomplishment. That woman is all class!!
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    First, you are a buffoon - but that's ok. You are still part of the BS family. You can post with us, eat with us and fly home with us. You are forgiven.

    Now, please explain why Germany chose to keep the "greatest 'keeper in the world" on the bench throughout the WC? Is it possible that (by her coach's estimation) she is no longer the best keeper (even) on her own team?


    * I should let the bolded line go, because I'm sure you meant nothing by it, but grandfather, uncle, dog? I've seen worse sentiments posted on BS, but not many, and that's the sort of line - written seriously, or even in jest - would separate those who have lost a loving parent (or parents) and those who haven't.

    But, as I said, you are forgiven.
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    Silke suffered an injury before the WWC and Angerer took her place. Silke recovered enough to play, but apparently didn't pull a full-time snit and insist on playing over Angerer, who had been prepared for the spot.

    Thanks for the place at the dinner table; I'll try to mind my manners.
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    I think the German coach probably actually communicated with her team about her approach instead of springing it on the team like Ryan did after the USGNT's goalie had a 300 minute shutout streak going. Let's face it, Ryan set all of these wheels in motion--he is the root cause of all of it.

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