Eredivisie season 2023-2024 Ratings and comments

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  1. Countdown starts:
    most likely line up Ajax: Gorter; Gaaei, Sutalo, Hato, Sosa; Van den Boomen, Taylor, Vos; Bergwijn, Brobbey, Forbs

  2. Ratings matchday 6 from Voetbal International. They didnot rate the Ajax match:
    Utrecht went down for the fifth time in six games. The Ron Jans effect proved to be short-lived, as the team lost 3-0 on a visit to NEC. It gave routinier Mark van der Maarel a 4.5 and goalkeeper Mattijs Branderhorst and forwards Mats Seuntjens and Ole Romeny also scored a failing grade, as did coach Jans. Heerenveen hoped for a turnaround against Excelsior after three defeats in a row, but ended up in a sporting crisis due to a 0-3 defeat at home. Coach Kees van Wonderen is the "kop van jut" among the supporters and receives a failing grade, just like no fewer than seven players. Goalkeeper Andries Noppert received a 4.5 for his performance for the second week in a row.

  3. VI Team of the Week matchday 6, unfortunately due to the interrupted Ajax match half of the Feyenoord team is missing:
  4. Others didnot exclude rating the Ajax - Feyenoord match:

    Ajax on report deep failings after inky afternoon against Feyenoord

    Jay Gorter - 6
    Anton Gaaei - 2
    Josip Sutalo - 3,5
    Jorrel Hato - 5: Hato is the most stable factor in the Ajax defence, but this Sunday he also played sub par. At both 0-1 and 0-2, he gave Gimenez too much space to score.
    Borna Sosa - 4
    Silvano Vos - 5,5
    Branco van den Boomen - 4
    Kenneth Taylor - 3
    Steven Berghuis - 4,5
    Brian Brobbey - 4
    Carlos Forbs - 6

    Not long enough on the pitch:
    Devyne Rensch - x
    Anass Salah-Eddine - x

    Maurice Steijn - 3: Steijn probably wanted to sink through the ground, after what he saw of his team. The coach has no control over many individual mistakes, but the fact remains that the Amsterdammers are incredibly bad tactically. Steijn can certainly be blamed for that.

    Ratings by Voetbalflitsen:
    They must be Ajax supporters, as these ratings are very generous.
  5. AD Sportwereld matchday 6 Team of the Week without Feyenoord players
  6. It sure made the headlines world wide
    Ajax in 'existential crisis' on and off the field
    [​IMG]Yahoo! Sports|2 hours ago
    Once a giant of European football, Ajax is now mired in one of the deepest crises in its glittering 123-year history, 14th in the league, top officials sacked, and the fans running riot.Ugly scenes ensued in Amsterdam,
    Ajax game abandoned after fireworks thrown on pitch; Tear gas used outside stadium to contain rioting
    [​IMG]|14 hours ago
    Ajax's match against Feyenoord on Sunday had to be abandoned after fireworks were thrown onto the pitch, and the trouble only started there. Frustration grew among the Ajax faithful, but the scenes at the Johan Cruyff Arena got further out of hand after the game was abandoned.
    Ajax v Feyenoord: De Klassieker abandoned as fans throw flares and fireworks
    [​IMG]BBC|15 hours ago
    Ajax's game against Feyenoord on Sunday was abandoned by the referee after home supporters threw flares and fireworks on to the pitch.
    Ex-Arsenal transfer chief Sven Mislintat sacked by Ajax hours after fans smash up stadium
    [​IMG]Talksport|27 minutes ago
    Former Arsenal transfer chief Sven Mislintat has been fired from his post at Ajax after fans stormed the stadium on Sunday. Ajax's game against Feyenoord was called off in the 56th minute
    Ajax and Feyenoord's Eredivisie match abandoned as fans throw fireworks on the field
    [​IMG]Associated Press on|14 hours ago
    The Eredivisie match between rivals Ajax and Feyenoord has been called off in the second half after fans threw fireworks onto the field at the Johan Cruyff Arena.
  7. [​IMG]
    European roundup: Ajax v Feyenoord called off after flares thrown
    [​IMG]The Guardian|11 hours ago
    Ajax supporters showed their fury after falling 3-0 down to fierce rivals

    Ajax vs Feyenoord abandoned after flares thrown, rioting outside stadium
    [​IMG]Al Jazeera on|3 hours ago
    D utch football club Ajax Amsterdam's home game against defending league champions Feyenoord has been abandoned as fans threw flares onto the pitch and police used tear gas to disperse rioters outside the stadium.

    Soccer-Dutch police use tear gas to disperse rioters after Ajax v Feyenoord abandoned
    [​IMG]Reuters on|11 hours ago
    Ajax Amsterdam's home Eredivisie game against defending champions Feyenoord was abandoned on Sunday as fans threw flares onto the pitch, and mounted police used tear gas to disperse rioting fans outside the stadium.
  8. These assholes have ruined the last wish of two fataly ill little Ajax fans. Thew two (7 and 14 yo) had as last wish to be at an Ajax match.
    These flares handling self entitled assholes have made their experience a nightmare instead of a fond memory to cherish in their last remaining days.
    Laatste wens doodzieke Ajax-fans (7 en 14) werd gitzwarte dag door relschoppers
    metronieuws|3 hours ago
    De uit de hand gelopen Klassieker van gisteren was een van de treurigste dagen uit de clubhistorie van Ajax. Maar het was extra wrang voor twee doodzieke Ajax-fans, slechts 7 en 14 jaar oud. De wedstrijd bijwonen was hun laatste wens.

  9. It seems from whatsapp messages, that the whole mess at Ajax was a planned intervention in case the score went bad.

    "Everything was perfectly coordinated and WhatsApp conversations also show how things went during the match. "We're going to stop the game, this won't be played out again." The striking thing is that the supporters with the nefarious plan first saw things. The hidden fireworks were ready, the large banner was ready and the spare clothing had also been smuggled in. Anything to stop the game and get away with it. But Ajax played quite well, until Feyenoord struck. Within the half hour it was 3-0 (Okay the 3-0 fell in the 37th minute, but yes in between the game was kind of stopped by a plastic beer cup on the field)."

    As I posted after the FC Groningen match, when the KNVB announced their protocol, it was giving the assholes a tool to end a match.
    These guys are responsible and should be taken out of the stadium equation for ever.

    The Amsterdam burgomaster is whining about KNVB/Ajax measures, but in fact she contributes to it by letting the assholes get away unpunished for the riots/damaging of Ajax property by dispersing the assholes, thus letting them get away unpunished. For once they should have cornered them, which should have been easy, as there was no escape from the entrance they stormed, beat the crap out of them and arrest them all, making them pay with a criminal record and huge damage repayments and a clear identification of them all, so their anonimity is blown up.
    I even suggest when you got these names to harass them to the hilt by paying them visits, intimidating them physically with the clear message we know who you are and we will get you. The F-side contains coke dealing criminals anyway, so hunt them down.

    The imbecil authorities deploy hundreds of riot police on climate activists blocking a road several times this last fortnight, but these thugs get a few policemen on horseback and shields to cope with. Whining while you donot clamp down the right way makes you look insincere, lady.


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  10. Whatsapp messages by F-side calling for heading to the 'JC ArenA' an hour before the match will be resumed.
    Excellent opportunity for the burgomaster to stop shitting nonsense and sweep this garbage up. Declare the stadium a nogo area and everybody caught there will be arrested, identified, registered as criminal football fan, dna taken and compared with dna found on to the police thrown stones etc.
    I suggest the old way of handling rioteers in Amsterdam, wacking themn with swords, not with sticks

  11. Voetbal International quoted Steijn's worry about the defense, but noted something else to be as worrying:

    "Yet Ajax's attacking impotence is at least as worrying. Steijn lined up four pure forwards against Feyenoord on Wednesday, but in 35 minutes they managed one shot on goal. Just as there was only one attempt between the posts in the first 55 minutes. Together, all of Ajax's goal attempts in this Classic accounted for 0.30 expected goal. In the last thirteen seasons, it has only happened once before that Ajax created even less."
  12. AD Sportwereld ratings are a bit harsher
    Cijers Ajax: Gorter 5,5; Gaaei 3 (32. Rensch 5), Sutalo 5, Hato 5,5, Sosa 5 (46. Salah-Eddine -/55. Akpom 4,5), Van den Boomen 5, Vos 5,5 (81. Ávila -), Taylor 5, Berghuis 4,5, Brobbey 4,5, Forbs 4,5 (81. Van Axel Dongen -)
    Cijfers Feyenoord: Wellenreuther 7; Geertruida 7 (88. Nieuwkoop-), Trauner 8, Hancko 8, Hartman 7; Wieffer 7, Stengs 7 (82. Jahanbakhsh-), Timber 7 (88. Lingr-), Minteh 6,5 (55. Zerrouki 6,5), Giménez 9, Paixao 7 (82. Ueda-)

  13. upload_2023-10-1_14-43-4.png
    Brobbey must be charged by the Referee Committee for this.
  14. upload_2023-10-1_22-20-48.png
    A bit more order in the table now

  15. Ai, Ajax not really getting the chance to catch their breath:
    October 5th AEK, then October 8th AZ!
  16. VI ratings


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  17. Telegraaf Team of the Week matchday 7


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