EPL teams preseason training in the USA...

Discussion in 'Sporting Kansas City' started by rudeboy, Jul 1, 2005.

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    Jul 5, 2001
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    Seems that many teams are playing friendlys against EPL and European teams this summer as they travel to the USA for "spring-training". I just saw that LA Galaxitives just told West Bromwich Albion that they were canceling the game and would be playing Real Madrid instead. Why hasn't Kansas City tried to get such a deal lined up? I could only see it as good for marketing. Bring in some EPL team to play a friendly etc.

    Thoughts? I mean, it looks like West Brom is available now.
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    I seem to remember CJ getting asked about this at one of our Q & A sessions and his reply had something to do with the cost. And after paying for a sound effects guy and an overstuffed dragon who has money left for things like international friendlies? Hopefully this will change if/when we get new ownership. Though if I were going to do this I would hope for someone other than West Brom...don't know that we could generate a lot of excitement about the Baggies.

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