england withdraw from 2021 she believes

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    Smart by England. It frees them up to play a better tournament, The Algrave, And it avoids having to travel to a country that is too stupid to enforce things like masks in public and social distancing.

    If I did not live here I sure would not want to travel to a country that refuses to do the minimum needed to gain a minimum of control over the coronavirus. Even given nearly a year I doubt we will have done enough to make travel to here reasonably safe. Even if one of the vaccines proves safe and effective I doubt we will even get near enough people vaccinated to be even as effective controlling the coronavirus as we are at controlling the flu. That is pretty ineffective. There will be a lot of idiots refusing the vaccine and the level of effectiveness may well prove to be a lot lower than the "experts" expect. The coronavirus more closely resembles the cold virus than it does the flu and we have no effective vaccine for the common cold.

    It is still a long way off but it may not even be safe to hold the She Believes Cup next year. We have too many stupid people in this country to get done what needs to be done to make the US a safe destination for travel.

    Of course we do have an election coming up and we may not have the same administration next year but, even assuming best case, I am not sure we have the smarts and leadership in congress or in the executive to make a difference.

    "Suppose you were an idiot. And suppose you were a member of congress. But I repeat myself." Mark Twain
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    wait, we were still scheduled for She Believes 2021?I don't think a vaccine will be ready in time and we might be in a deadlier second wave by then...

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