Emerson Hyndman at Atlanta United (on loan from Bournemouth)

Discussion in 'Yanks Abroad' started by dcpohl, Mar 24, 2008.

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    Jan 31, 2001
    Hyndman starts and goes ~60 mins in Atlanta's playoff game. They won 1-0. He came out before the goal was scored. I half-watched some of this while working out. Hyndman was ok, but not particularly special in the time I watched. He switched sides a number of time - seeming to be mostly occupying an inside RAM slot, but popping up wide LW a few times as well as sliding out to RM touchline now and again.

    Nagbe seemed to look past. him a few times, but generally he was involved and moved well for the ball. He didn't do much that was bad in the moment I watched, but also nothing super-exciting. Played pretty well inside his skill set.

    (fwiw. Atl journal says: Midfielder Emerson Hyndman, 7.5:Like Nagbe, what he does often doesn’t end up in a stat sheet but makes Atlanta United work on offense and defense. ... One chance created and three tackles. ... Very important two-way player.)

    Interesting that De Boer keeps starting him while the personnel around him has shifted. Wonder if this keeps up.

    While it has not been the kind of break-out season that screams "ready for the big(get) leagues" he's going home with at least one piece of silver, and still in the running for another, has cemented himself in the Atlanta starting line-up...

    He started the last run of games and ended with 10 starts in 15 apps. He's 7th for Atl in assists, 5th in assist/min. 10th for goals, 9th for G/min. 983 mins on the season.

    He has at least one more game... interesting to see what the off-season brings.
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    Jan 31, 2001
    Oops, I wrote Inside RAM, but meant inside left slot. Just switch all my R with L's and the post will be more correct.
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    Consistent playing time at a relatively high level is what Hyndman has needed for years. Hopefully this stability spurs him on to new heights. Best of luck!
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    At 23, this is a really good move for him. Like @ArsenalMetro said, he needs consistent playing time at a decent level to improve. He’s still young enough to make the move back over the pond in a couple seasons, given he grows as a player in that time.
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    Well seems like he has about two years before he can expect to be in the national team picture. Berhalter likes to call in 25+ year olds that play in the MLS.
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    Welp.....definitely a YA chapter officially closes. Lots of time and energy put into this kid. Watched almost every game he played with Fulham reserves, Bournemouth, Rangers, Hibs, and ATL.

    Such a different look that we've had available but never super impactful.

    As a big fan boy, he is probably right where he belongs. Hopefully gets solid CM minutes for a good team and enjoys finally getting solid professional minutes.

    No shame in his career arc and he should have no regrets.

    Maybe this does get him into some domestic camps. Still could have a place down the road. Maybe.

    Either way. It's been an interesting YA ride, Emo.
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    I think it's a good move for Hyndman - it's the right level for him.

    I do think that US fans tend to fall in love and over-value technical players, given that we don't produce many of those (adu, Hyndman, zelalem, etc.) and are more frequently sneering at high quality athletes that compete hard (Yedlin, Zardes, Arriola, Morris, peak Bradley)
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    Had the best or second-best stretch of his career with Atlanta - makes sense to run it back. I think the team should be good enough to make a run for trophies with awesome home fan support - seems like a great spot for him. Should come with plenty of playing time for his continued development.
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    Dec 4, 2012
    MLS has improved their player wages over the last little while, so he can make a decent living player soccer in MLS now.

    I have always liked the guy and might even tune into the occasional MLS game now if he is involved.
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    Not sure who you mean by "US fans" - maybe more like "BS dead enders." - I'd bet the average USMNT knew less about Hyndman pre-Atlanta than the 5 you mentioned. But a decent few of us around here were interested to see if he turn his touch and technical ability into a regular top-end game.

    So far the answer is "almost, but not quite" I think. Looking like a very decent Champs/SPL/MLS but it's less likely now he rises much above that level.
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