El Dorado, Arkansas: Home of fools and wimps

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    I hope this isn't a part of what's considered PC and what's not in the schools nowadays. All I know is that when I was in high school 20 years ago (damn, was it all THAT long ago?), there were way too many people sitting on their hands and not getting behind the teams.

    From the article:

    Derrill Smith, athletic director for El Dorado Schools, issued the warning. He said that, according to district policy, "students or spectators who wear extreme or unusual clothing to the game or who paint their faces or bodies will not be allowed in the game," and lists examples as "togas, bandanas, cowboy hats, gang colors, wigs, costumes."

    The policy also reads, "Students or spectators who dress in an unusual manner or paint their faces or bodies distract from the game and the official spirit groups. In many cases, students or spectators in special dress and painted faces or bodies act more 'rowdy' than they would otherwise. The basic philosophy behind this prohibition is the show is on the court or field and not in the stands."

    Murry noted that face paint is specifically prohibited, but the school allows cheerleaders to charge a fee to paint paw prints on fans' faces.

    "How could hair be any different?" he asked.

    I especially note the next-to-last graph. But generally, schools are making rules where they need not apply.

    Shouldn't the schools be doing more to promote school spirit, instead of inhibiting it? :rolleyes::confused:

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