EJ & Adu: Aris vs Ergotelis (Superleague) 2/14 16:45 Greek Time

Discussion in 'Yanks Abroad Gameday' started by nick_3f, Feb 12, 2010.

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    ahhhhh. Im praying here. Im praying here.
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    Freddy and EJs moves here.
    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ddh2ljkIY1s"]YouTube- Freddy Adu & Eddie Johnson Aris Ergotelis 2-1[/ame]
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    Hahaha...Matabala gets pwned something righteous!!! ( what did I just say:D)

    Thanks Kalamaria...:cool:
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    Jan 16, 2007

    What that means is that it's fun to watch people like you try to perpetuate a false assumption despite reality being completely different. You state "Adu still doesn't play defense" and that's based on the observations of him as a teenager not what he is actually doing now. It's funny to watch people ignore the current reality, living in the past (a past based on the games of a young kid) and being unwilling to move from their faulty entrenched position, kinda like you :)

    You saying he doesn't won't change what people see when they watch and thats fun to watch.
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    Wait, national teams at the World Cup are better than relegation fodder in the Greek league? Really? Thanks for that information -- for a while, I thought Adu was going to score 5 goals a game in June.
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    I love freddy adu threads...they get everyone so riled up.
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    Who is Adu? I'm digging this new "Antoy" kid that has come onto the radar.
  8. Bolo

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    Jan 16, 2007
    Your right, myself included but not why you might think. I think Adu, like every player has his flaws. It's the nature of the conversations that drive me crazy.

    Poster 1: Wow Adu had a goood game!

    Poster 2: He sucks

    Poster 1: Well I just watched the game and he passed well, shot well, mantained defensive position and really hustled out there! I'm happy he is finally getting some play time.

    Poster 2: Well he sucks, was over hyped, made a commercial with Pele, didn't play defense when I saw him 3 years ago, sat the bench in Monaco, Benfica and Beleneese , Greek teams suck, parties too much, is a locker room cancer tweets too much, made a easy goal, is too slow, too small, too weak, not fit, lacks soccer IQ, made a lucky assist and is from Africa so you know he's really not 20, fanboy!

    Poster 1: But I just watched the game and he played really well and his team won! He even had the winning goal in an important game for their Europe chances. The fans really appreciated his effort, they were even chanting his name.

    Poster 2: The Greek leagues is worse than the MLS and I can't believe you would get up early just to watch this washed up guy! But I really hope he does well.

    Poster 1: smashes head through brick wall...

    Mod: None of that fanboy stuff...

    Poster 3: People sure get worked up in Adu threads :p

    Edit: And to make matters worse, he dated JoJo and wrecked his BMW on the 495 beltway when he was 16!
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    Oct 14, 2004
    What are the player grades in the Greek papers?
  10. zapem_10

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    So funny and true...

    And then poster #4 shows up: Bob Bradley blah blah blah...
  11. Kalamaria

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    Jan 1, 2010
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    Ok these grades are from the Athlitika Nea newspaper.

    Freddy Adu ( 7 ).

    The debut of the American in Kleanthis Vikelidis was followed by a good performance. The 20 year old attacking midfielder was in good mood and gave Kordonouris (Ergotelis' right back) a hard time. He didn't make any unnecessary moves and passed the ball quickly. He also showed that he knows how to move in the open space. His goal in the stoppage time of the first half gave the victory to his team. That was his first goal in the Superleague.

    Eddie Johnson ( 6 ).

    The American has shown some decent moves on the pitch. With his positioning and his movement outside the area he opened space for his teammates. He won most of the challenges on the ball and drawn many fouls from his opponents. He had two opportunities to score, but his header was weak on the first one whilst his shot was easily blocked by the goalkeeper on the second.

    The rest of the players:
    Sifakis ( 7 )
    Neto ( 6 )
    Giuaro ( 6 )
    Nasuti ( 7 )
    Arano ( 6 )
    Nacho ( 4 )
    Prittas ( 7 )
    Calvo ( 5 )
    Koke ( 8 )
    Campora ( 5 )
    Kouloucheris ( 5 )
    Javito ( - ) *Didn't play enough time to be evaluated.

    I have to say that I don't quite agree with these grades, but that's what they wrote.
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    Dec 8, 2005
    Poster 5: When Freddy hadn't played in two years, the other Gold Cup Nats looked like Quality next to him...What final?
    Poster 6: Freddy needs to start practicing and stop eating bon-bons!
    Poster 7: Although Adu has only shown he competes well against children and Euro champs who aren't trying, he has my best wishes.
    Poster 8: Adu threads are crap! If only his 12-year-old supporters were more rational!
    Poster 9: Haters.
    Mod: None of that hater stuff...
    Poster 10: Creates a lot of chances? We don't need no stinkin' chances!
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    Apr 12, 2002
    Yep. And not just here.

    The thread at www.serbenfiquista.com is closing in on 30,000 posts now, w/ opinions moving from a seeming consensus that Freddy was a budding star, clearly better than DiMaria (when Freddy was getting minutes there), to, these days, like a BigSoccer mirror, strong opinions that differ, with accusations of hyperbole from both ends of the spectrum.

    (For example, one guy says that to some, Freddy Adu *is* Benfica, while another responds that to his detractors, he's the anti-christ. The guy inspires strong feelings, you have to give him that. :))
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    Aug 1, 2007
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    Mod's note - please be careful with photos.
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    Oct 14, 2004
    So, they were deemed to be OK with Adu getting a 1-point bump for the goal.

    As I recall the Portuguese papers were a lot harsher on Adu during his occasional PT at Belenenses, a lot more static of a team.
  17. Blustar

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    Isn't 7 a good score? It also mentions he had a good game, only Koke had a better score. (an 8)

    I think the comments were fair, Adu had a very solid game and I can't wait for more.

    I think combined with the remarks the scores are very positive.
  18. Saeyddthe

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    Sep 5, 2003
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    Next match, someone remind me to post that the game will also be available at HPI....courtesy, of course, of our good friends at ArisMania. ;)
  19. sidefootsitter

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    Oct 14, 2004
    Yes, "7" is a good grade but, if the old English system is at work, Adu got a point "bump" because of the goal, so his total was a "6+1".

    In a backward way, someone who gets a "7" without scoring had a better game than someone who got a "7" with scoring a goal, with the goal adding a point to one's total.

    But, of course, everyone wants goals and a player deserves a grade bump for scoring because it is so rare.

    Does that make sense?

    But may I bring to your attention that the Aris guys have a boatload of stuff on YouTube too.
  20. Saeyddthe

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    Sep 5, 2003
    St. Looney ^the CB&J
    That's nice.
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    I think it is unless the Greeks use a version of the a$$backwards German scoring system.

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