Effenberg to MLS?

Discussion in 'MLS: General' started by Barca_Fan2003, Aug 8, 2002.

  1. Barca_Fan2003

    Barca_Fan2003 New Member

    Mar 30, 2002
    Slidell, LA
  2. Colin Grabow

    Colin Grabow New Member

    Jul 22, 1999
    Washington, DC
    No. Hell no.
  3. pething101

    pething101 Member

    Jul 31, 2001
    Smyrna, Ga
    West Ham United FC
    Nat'l Team:
    United States
    Pretty cut and dry reply.

    I agree with it.
  4. dcc134

    dcc134 Member+

    Liverpool FC
    May 15, 2000
    Hummelstown, PA
    Liverpool FC
    Nat'l Team:
    United States

    or you could go with

    No, F@&#* No.


    No F*&#*ing Way
  5. pasoccerfan

    pasoccerfan Member

    Mar 7, 2002
    Hershey, PA

    Don't hold back now. What's the word on the street?

    It's kind of funny, if you think about it. Young American players often have a stigma attached to them when playing abroad, and now old German players have a stigma attached to them in relation to MLS...
  6. UncleSam527

    UncleSam527 Member

    Jan 14, 2002
    How old is this guy?
  7. jd2084

    jd2084 New Member

    Aug 1, 2001
    Rhode Island
    New England Revolution
    Nat'l Team:
    United States
    Effenberg has a stigma attached to him everywhere. Everyone hates him (even his teammates) because he's an arse!
  8. nowhere

    nowhere New Member

    Jul 2, 2002
    Remember what he did the last time he played in this country.
  9. WarrenWallace

    WarrenWallace Member

    Mar 12, 1999
    Beer and Cheese
    What did he do when he was here? (Sorry, can't remember).
  10. Eric B

    Eric B Member

    Feb 21, 2000
    the LBC
    Los Angeles Galaxy
    Nat'l Team:
    United States
    Flipped off a bunch of Germans, which when I think about it, would be a reason TO sign him...
  11. Eric B

    Eric B Member

    Feb 21, 2000
    the LBC
    Los Angeles Galaxy
    Nat'l Team:
    United States
    [Graham Chapman voice] He's 206! [/Graham Chapman voice]
  12. Konrad

    Konrad New Member

    Jul 6, 2001
    Atlanta, GA
    You guys are morons...

    Effenberg would be a class above any midfielder in this league.
  13. Autogolazo

    Autogolazo BigSoccer Supporter

    Feb 19, 2000
    Bombay Beach, CA
    Since I was at the Cotton Bowl that day in 1994 booing him along with the German contingent, and since I was thus a recipient of the double birds, I can vouch for Effie's erratic behavior.

    Sure he's talented--so what, doesn't mean anything if he's coming here for retirement, or will just get pissed and cranky the way he usually does.

    Can you see the look on his face when MLS team officials ask him for a little promo or local fan meetings, etc.? Ha!
  14. Bayernfan

    Bayernfan Member

    Mar 7, 2000
    Atlanta, GA
    To answer your question-he's 34 years old.

    I think that his play would be a valuable addition to MLS, but his attitude is probably too erratic for the league to gamble on. I'd much rather have him than Gazza, that's for sure. Effie's play last season was still solid and Bayern really suffered when he was injured.
  15. irishFS1921

    irishFS1921 New Member

    Aug 2, 2002
    WB05 Compound
    i'd be more than pleased to see effenberg come play in MLS. he is a talent. regardless of where he points his fingers. i know i point mine towards the field. i don't mind if he points his back.
  16. Russell Rucker

    Russell Rucker New Member

    Jul 14, 2000
    I'd like to see his big A** playing for Kansas City. Can you Imagine the size of that midfield with Klein and Jethro Mckeon :)
  17. olafgb

    olafgb New Member

    Jun 6, 2001
    At the moment it's much more probable that Effenberg quits playing soccer. He always states that he wants to go to a top club in a top league - obviously he doesn't get that such clubs don't want him anymore. Effenberg often stated that he wants to move to the USA some day, but he's still demanding several M's for playing, so much more than MLs could pay for him (and much more than he's worth).
  18. JRedknapp11

    JRedknapp11 Red Card

    Dec 5, 2001
    He does own a house in Florida, so him to comming to the states isn't that far fetched.

    His skill is equal to any midfielder in the MLS current or past....if he says that he'll play at least 2 years then why not sign him. I don't know if the Metros are the right team for him, as his arrival would mean one of our SI's has to go.However, we need something creative in the midfield now that Tab is pretty much all but gone.
  19. Preston McMurry

    Preston McMurry New Member

    Jul 28, 1999
    I believe MLS has already gone the aging, attitudinal German route ...
  20. bigredfutbol

    bigredfutbol Moderator
    Staff Member

    Sep 5, 2000
    Woodbridge, VA
    DC United
    Nat'l Team:
    United States
    I absolutely say, NO.
    Not just to him--to over-the-hill Euro stars coming here. Stoichkov at least put in honest effort and seemed to WANT to play, but the stigma of being a retirement league is not worth the dubious idea that somehow these stars will turn into new fans. Hasn't really happened, for the most part (though I do know of quite a few Bulgarians here who go to Fire games as a result).
  21. Miloco

    Miloco Red Card

    Jun 6, 2002
    West Palm Beach
    Yeah, your source of informatin clearly explain Effenberg's desire to play in MLS. He tells German media that he is heading to MLS. According to your link, he is close to sign a big contract with DC United or the MetroStars.

    thanks for your information
  22. Barca_Fan2003

    Barca_Fan2003 New Member

    Mar 30, 2002
    Slidell, LA
    Maybe you misunderstood. I quoted the article as saying that if he doesn't have an offer by Wednesday he will hang up his boots. The MLS bit I came up with. I said maybe. I assumed that the ........ would indicate that it was my opinion.
  23. Looks like Effy went to Wolfsburg -- so he has Claudio Reyna's old job.

    An interesting choice, I think he will do well there.

    He was quoted as saying he hoped to get them into European competition.

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