Edward Said

Discussion in 'Books' started by carolinab, Sep 25, 2003.

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    This isn't his best book, nor his best known, but it's my personal favorite from his works:


    What I found most admirable in his work is his ability to be highly engaged politically -- even when I didn't agree with him -- and also to have an incredibly well-developed aesthetic sense. And his politics didn't distort his literary (and musical) intelligence, nor was the opposite the case, either. Anyone who's been to graduate school in the humanities for the past twenty years knows how rare that is. It's also extremely hard, which is what made his work even more amazing.
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    Or the social sciences. I'll add my hopes for a well-earned rest after a long struggle for him.

    IIRC, he was one of the most prominent Palestinian voices speaking out against Arafat, too, which is another reason to regret losing him.
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    People easily forget that the Palestinians aren't some monolithic group of people. There are those that are Muslim, those that are Christian, pro-Arafat, anit-Arafat.
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    Saw Said speak about 10 years ago (maybe 12, actually). He spoke humbly, eloquently, urgently, beautifully and passionately. You couldn't help but come away truly impressed.

    A sad day indeed that he's passed on, not only for the loss of the individual, but as another blow to any remaining dialogue for peace in that part of the world.

    May he RIP.

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