edStars @ Wash - 4/11/09 Post Match

Discussion in 'Chicago Red Stars' started by geewizzz, Apr 12, 2009.

  1. geewizzz

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    Sep 4, 2008
    Chicago did well with another good defensive game last night.
    GK Jonsson and defender Dieke were great.I will put Dalmy & Nikki Krzysik in the praise as well.

    Its the Attack i'm worried about. Carli Lloyd once again was nowhere. She is not a def midfielder & she was playing in the middle with Klein, Tapley & Carney. Not one of them naturally wins the ball & distributes to the more attacking players. Yes they are quick & held the midfield of Washington but there was nobody taking charge of the midfield. This is something Emma needs to look at maybe when Ostberg comes back from suspension she can go into midfield.

    Masser hurried well & has got good speed but she needed help. I expect Cristiane to start either by replacing Masser or better playing with her.
    Tarpley took her chance well but i expect more from her if she is going to play in midfield.

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    Cristiane should definately start at home next Sunday. Teams rarely look good on atack on the road,especially a player down, so we will see what being at home does for the Red Stars.
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    Great stuff, Andy; thanks!
  5. angel3

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    Aug 6, 2008
    Spot on.
    You have a good keeper and defense but not much else. If Cristiane does not step up big time, you have problems.

    I never understood the fascination with Lloyd. She can blast the ball and she scored a couple of times in the Olympics but her game, at best, place her in the middle of the pack of all players, in my opinion.

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