Eddie Johnson interview video now up on ussoccer.com

Discussion in 'USA Men' started by ChelseaMatt, Jan 24, 2008.

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    A new video has been put up on ussoccer.com which interviews Eddie about his recent move to Fulham. Basically, he heard the word from Clint (whom Eddie later in the video calls his best friend) over the phone that the coach was interested in Eddie, and things went from there. He attributes not being used to playing in front of big crowds in the MLS for his difficulty playing in big games for the USMNT. He also said that he's ready for the move now that he's grown, although he did not again refer to himself as a "grown-assed man." I wonder if the Big Soccer nickname derived from his self-description ever got back to him. Anybody have any info on that?
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    It sounds like Eddie's much more of a Grown Ass Man now than he was a few years ago.
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    Are you kidding me, Eddie?! Really?!

    Yeah, those small crowds in MLS really held back Landon Donovan and DaMarcus Beasley from shining in the '02 World Cup. Not to mention Brian McBride.

    Same small crowds in MLS held back Clint Dempsey from shining in the '06 World Cup.
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    What does that have to do with EJ? They obviously have different mindsets. I don't think that sounds like an excuse, but a recognition of a weakness. Now if he can recognize that when he's 1v1 he shouldn't pull up instead of just blowing by the guy...
  5. Spumanti Jones

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    This is a great opportunity for EJ -- the presence of the other USMNTer's will offer necessary mentorship. He certainly will need to continue to mature, find a better first touch and hone his own style of stubbornness in being dispossed (the way Dempsey has since arriving in EPL). Learn how to bury a few with his head -- this is turning into quite the list...

    Nose to the grindstone Eddie; let's not dive, flop and wine after not getting calls your way. Time to play like a man and prove yourself -- lord knows the Fulham & MNT need a striker who's not nervous infront of large crowds.

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