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    Hey sorry I don't belong in these parts but I'm looking for 1-3 experts on Ecuador's current football team AND that are active on BigSoccer. They need to be knowledgeable of the team, fair, and just. I'm doing a little bit of a project at the moment and would appreciate any help I could get. Thanks in advance!
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    I have a Ph.D in Ecuador Soccer Philosophy. Ask away
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    Just the man I wanted to see then. I'm trying to put together some world rankings. The idea is to rate every team's player's 1-100 with an expert for every team to give a fair and just review of the their respective team. Obviously whoever shows up here would just cover Ecuador .

    Here's how I would compile the ratings. If the World Cup was in one month and every team had a month to prepare it's squad to play, who would be chosen, what would their ratings be, and how many minutes would they play on average? (This is who you would expect to see, not who you'd want to see.) For example, this is what USA's squad would look like, in my opinion:

    81 - Howard (GK) 90 mins
    73 - Cherundolo (RB) 70 mins
    71.5 - Bocanegra (CB) 85 mins
    69.5 - Goodson (CB) 70 mins
    72.5 - Johnson (LB) 80 mins
    74.5 - Bradley (CDM) 90 mins
    76.5 - Jones (CDM) 80 mins
    70 - Torres (CM) 60 mins
    82 - Dempsey (LW) 90 mins
    80.5 - Donovan (RW) 90 mins
    74 - Altidore (ST) 75 mins

    71.5 - Chandler (RB) 15 mins
    70.5 - Lichaj (RB) 5 mins
    69 - Parkhurst (CB/RB) 5 mins
    68 - Onyewu (CB) 13 mins
    69 - Cameron (CB) 7 mins
    69.5 - Castillo (LB) 10 mins
    69.5 - Edu (CM) 15 mins
    70.5 - Beckerman (CM) 10 mins
    68 - Boyd (ST) 3 mins
    70 - Gomez (ST) 25 mins
    68 - Wondolowski (ST) 2 mins

    I gave Howard a 81 rating and expect him to play 90 minutes, every minute, while Goodson is expected to play only 70 minutes as the CB spot is still pretty open for the US. He would start three games out of four, which averages out to be 70 minutes. Not that he's just getting subbed every game.

    This is what I have for Ecuador's current squad, based off FIFA 12's ratings:

    69 - M. Banguera (GK) 90 mins
    66 - G. Achilier (RB) 90 mins
    66 - F. Erazo (RCB) 90 mins
    72 - J. Campos (LCB) 90 mins
    72 - W. Ayoví (LB) 90 mins
    71 - S. Castillo (RDM) 90 mins
    78 - C. Noboa (LDM) 90 mins
    83 - A. Valencia (RM) 90 mins
    71 - L. Saritama (LM) 90 mins
    68 - J. Ayoví (RS) 90 mins
    76 - C. Benítez (LS) 90 mins

    So what needs to change? Are players ratings too high/low? Would you expect a sub to come in and, on average, how long would he play?

    You have to factor in long term injuries but current fitness issues you could likely ignore. For example, Stuart Holden will likely make the actual World Cup squad but for now I have to keep him off as he is recovering from a massive knee injury.

    This is a big work in progress but here is the "current" overall rankings.

    I realize this is a big overtaking and should be taken with a grain of salt AND that there's no "correct" answer but I thought it'd still be interesting to compile. If you have any questions let me know.

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