Early Nominees for Best CD of the Year?

Discussion in 'Movies, TV and Music' started by nancyb, Oct 9, 2003.

  1. nancyb

    nancyb Member

    Jun 30, 2000
    Falls Church, VA
    DC United
    Nat'l Team:
    United States
    I've got 4 in the running and I'm pretty sure which will be my pick. The ones in the running are:

    STill Falling - Virgil Shaw
    Up the Bracket - The Libertines
    Welcome Interstate Managers - Fountains of Wayne
    Take Them on Your Own - Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
  2. Scoey

    Scoey Member

    Oct 1, 1999
    My pick (until I get tired of it):

    British Sea Power -- The Decline of British Sea Power
  3. minorthreat

    minorthreat Member

    Jan 1, 2001
    Real Madrid
    Nat'l Team:
  4. sch2383

    sch2383 New Member

    Feb 14, 2003
    Northern Virginia
    White Stripes - Elephant

    Everything else is second to that.
  5. Aimer. Northend Diva

    Dec 7, 2000
    Are we talking in a Grammy sense or personal sense?

    Grammy = Sting "Sacred Love" I don't know if Christina's is eligible, but possibly hers too

    Personal (cds that have rarely left my player this year for longer than a couple weeks)
    -Daniel Bedingfield "Gotta Get Thru This"
    -Christina Aguilera "Stripped"
    -Common Rotation "The Big Fear"
    -Limp Bizkit "Results May Vary"
    and now that I have it.. Sting "Sacred Love"
  6. nancyb

    nancyb Member

    Jun 30, 2000
    Falls Church, VA
    DC United
    Nat'l Team:
    United States
    The Grammys are bs in my book. It's your favorites I'm interested in.
  7. nancyb

    nancyb Member

    Jun 30, 2000
    Falls Church, VA
    DC United
    Nat'l Team:
    United States
    I've heard these guys are good. I'll have to add them to the lookout list.
  8. Col Mustard

    Col Mustard New Member

    Oct 16, 2000
    I'm a sucker for the songs on Vehicles and Animals by Athlete and Warp records strikes again with Haha sound by Broadcast.

    Top reissues are Tin Drum by Japan Marquee Moon by Television and The Deluxe Edition of Bad girls by Donna Summer with all the 12" versions of the singles on Disc 2. The 17 minute version of McArthur Park is worth the money on its own.
  9. Footix

    Footix Member

    Dec 11, 1998
    Left Of The Dial
    Nice call...I just picked this up last week. You can never have too many versions of "I Feel Love"...The Moroder stuff just kills.
  10. SABuffalo786

    SABuffalo786 New Member

    May 18, 2002
    Buffalo, New York

    Are you serious?
  11. nancyb

    nancyb Member

    Jun 30, 2000
    Falls Church, VA
    DC United
    Nat'l Team:
    United States
    Check out my best Rock Couples nomination.
  12. 655321

    655321 New Member

    Jul 21, 2002
    The Mission, SF
    I'm completely confused by this question. Are you saying you think that a Grammy nomination and/or award is a sort of recognition for albums that go above and beyond and actually matter and all that??
  13. skipshady

    skipshady New Member

    Apr 26, 2001
    Orchard St, NYC
    Does Speakerboxxx/Love Below count as one or two albums?
  14. Aimer. Northend Diva

    Dec 7, 2000
    in the sense that it is a good cd to take to the gym...yes.
  15. fidlerre

    fidlerre Moderator
    Staff Member

    Oct 10, 2000
    Central Ohio
    even when justin is there checking ya out?
  16. nicodemus

    nicodemus Member+

    Sep 3, 2001
    Cidade Mágica
    PAOK Saloniki
    Nat'l Team:
    United States
    Starflyer 59 - Old
    Richard Swift - The Novelist
    Mogwai - Happy Songs for Happy People
  17. Aimer. Northend Diva

    Dec 7, 2000
    No Justin at the gym since his tour started and he started dating Cameron.
  18. billyireland

    billyireland Member+

    May 4, 2003
    Sydney, Australia
    The White Stripes - Elephant
    Outkast - Speakerboxx/The Love Below
    The Thrills - So Much For The City
  19. javaj

    javaj New Member

    Sep 8, 2003
    Creve Coeur
    THE MARS VOLTA: DE-LOUSED IN THE COMATORIUM... best cd i've heard this year. Just saw these cats play in Saint Louis @ Mississippi Nights. Great show. If they're in your area, check them out... the CD is only ten bucks at Best Buy. It's like nothing I've ever heard.
  20. snowsuit

    snowsuit New Member

    Oct 1, 2000
    san diego
    barbara morgenstern - nichts muss
    the knife - deep cuts
    chicks on speed - 99 cents
    jose gonzalez - crosses ep
    dizzee rascal - boy in da corner
    the strokes - room on fire

    the new belle and sebastian is the most disappointing.
  21. nancyb

    nancyb Member

    Jun 30, 2000
    Falls Church, VA
    DC United
    Nat'l Team:
    United States
    not seeing much overlap here.
  22. afgrijselijkheid

    Dec 29, 2002
    AFC Ajax

    speakerboxxx is waaaay better IMO
  23. ThrashBoy

    ThrashBoy New Member

    Aug 28, 2003
    Atlanta, GA
    The three best IMO:

    A Perfect Circle - Thirteenth Step
    Massive Attack - 100th Window
    Outkast - The Love Below (I don't even listen to Speakerboxxx because Andre's CD is so amazing).
  24. cj herrera

    cj herrera New Member

    May 7, 1999
    Oakland, damn straig
    I’m usually a good six to eight months behind, so I haven’t heard all the new records I’d like to, like the new Outkast, White Stripes, the Wrens, British Sea Power, Cody Chestnutt, The Black Keys, Beulah — let’s just say lots.

    But of the few I have heard here’s my picks so far, in rough order:

    Super Furry Animals: Phantom Power
    Pernice Brothers: Yours, Mine and Ours
    Calexico: Feast of Wire
    Fruit Bats: Mouthfuls
    Ted Leo: Hearts of Oak

    Fountains of Wayne wouldn’t make it, actually. Although I do love the video for Stacy’s Mom. Is that a shout out to Ric Ocasek in that video? There’s a shot of a license plate that says “I Love Ric.”
  25. BlueMeanie

    BlueMeanie New Member

    Apr 1, 2002
    Warren Zevon -- The Wind
    Might be because he died so soon after this CD came out, but I find the whole thing chilling. Also a testament to a brilliant, respected artist that so many "friends" helped him get this disc out.

    Opeth -- Damnation
    What other death metal band has released an album of (extremely well-played) acoustic ballads and dirges? Opening song "Windowpane" is one of the best songs I've heard in the last few years.

    Superjoint Ritual -- A Lethal Dose of American Hatred
    Thrash the way it should be. SO much better than PanterA, so thanks for going in this direction, Phil.

    AFI -- Sing the Sorrow
    I really wanted to dislike this album, because I'm one of the people who started losing interest in these guys the more they sounded like The Misfits. But then I remembered, wait, I loved the Misfits. Anyway, this album's all over the place style-wise, and the music and Davey Havok's vox are top-notch. Then my wife dragged me to see them (and a bunch of other bands including Foo Fighters, Deftones, and the WAYYYYYYY overrated White Stripes) at a radio station festival this year, and AFI stole the show.

    Anthrax -- We've Come for You All
    Best record these mooks have released since John Bush became singer well over a decade ago.

    OSI -- Office of Strategic Influence
    OSI is a "supergroup" built around rock's premier drummer, "Iron" Mike Portnoy of Dream Theater, and also featuring Steven Wilson (of Porcupine Tree and No-Man and producer of recent Opeth discs), and some other prog-type dudes. Styles are all over the place, it's not all prog, but most is interesting. Would LOVE to see this live.

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