Dutch footballer of the year press classification 1979-1994

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    The primary sports newspaper makes a footballer of the year rating since the 1978/1979 season. The first three editions are seen as pilot editions and they weren't completely happy about their first attempt in 1978-79 (but they were happy with the eventual winner).

    Other than that, it has a few other features to keep in mind. To name a few:
    • Missing games is punished hard. Treshold was between 1978 and 1994 editions the 31 games mark and even then someone has an advantage if he plays all 34 games.
    • They don't mind to give a 4 out of 10 for a fairly invisible game without doing nothing wrong per se. If a players causes a few dangerous turnovers, a 2 out of 10 mark was in sight. It is above all a consistency award even though they obviously do look at the technical ability of players and their contribution for the team.
    • Relate the ranking of players to where the team finishes. Sometimes a team finished second or first but their players become grossly underrated in the list.
    I miss the 1987-88 season list though, which was won by Gerald Vanenburg.

    Despite the limitations, it is interesting to see how they were ranked before they went abroad and how they were ranked in multiple seasons, in case they had played more than 30 games.
    I will post the top 30 and also note how the ones nominated by the players (the "PFA award") ended in the list.

    Something similar, though with a different methodology, exists for the Belgian league, which was posted here.

    N.B. I still plan to complete the win/loss thread.
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    Oct 4, 2011
    1978/79 Eredivisie

    1. Frank Arnesen (Ajax) 114 points
    2. Pim Doesburg (Sparta) 112 points
    2. Theo de Jong (Roda) 112 points
    4. Jan Peters (AZ) 111 points
    5. Jan Poortvliet (PSV) 110 points
    6. Wim Jansen (Feyenoord) 109 points
    7. Epi Drost (Twente) 107 points
    7. Piet Schrijvers (Ajax) 107 points
    7. Ben Wijnstekers (Feyenoord) 107 points
    10 Jan Peters (Feyenoord) 105 points
    10. Kees Kist (AZ) 105 points
    12. Dick Schneider (Go Ahead) 104 points

    Note: Soren Lerby of Ajax won 'talent of the year' award with 10 points advantage.
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    Oct 4, 2011
    1979/80 Eredivisie

    1. Jan van Beveren (PSV) 81 points
    2. Luuk Balkestein (Sparta) 75
    3. Hans van Breukelen (Utrecht) 74
    4. Pim Doesburg (Sparta) 73
    5. Piet Schrijvers (Ajax) 72
    6. Willy v.d. Kerkhof (PSV) 71
    7. Hans Galjé (Den Haag) 69
    8. Soren Busk (MVV) 68
    8. Ruud Krol (Ajax) 68
    10. Soren Lerby (Ajax) 67
    10. Dick Mulderij (Vitesse) 67
    12. Peter Gerard (MVV) 64
    12. Hugo Hovenkamp (AZ) 64
    12. Heini Otto (Twente) 64
    15. Jan Jongbloed (Roda) 63
    15. Dick Schoenaker (Ajax) 63
    15. Halvar Thoresen (Twente) 63
    15. Ben Wijnstekers (Feyenoord) 63
    19. Michel v.d. Korput (Feyenoord) 62
    19. Kristen Nygaard (AZ) 62
    19. Huub Stevens (PSV) 62
    22. Louis van Gaal (Sparta) 61
    22. Kees Kist (AZ) 61
    22. Cees Schapendonk (MVV) 61
    22. Martin Koopman (Go Ahead) 61
    27. Toine van Mierlo (Willem II) 60
    27. Johnny Metgod (AZ) 60
    27. Harry Schellekens (NEC) 60
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    1980/1981 Eredivisie

    1. Johnny Metgod (AZ) 64
    2. Doesburg (PSV) 62
    2. Peters (AZ) 62
    2. Arnesen (Ajax) 62
    2. Schrijvers (Ajax) 62
    6. Hovenkamp (AZ) 61
    7. Drost (PEC) 60
    7. Lerby (Ajax) 60
    9. Van Breukelen (Utrecht) 56
    10. Wildbret (Utrecht) 54
    11. Suvee (Wageningen) 52
    11. Zondervan (Twente) 52
    13. Gritter (Twente) 51
    13. Thoresen (Twente) 51
    15. Sanchez-Torres (Twente) 50
    15. Jonker (AZ) 50
    17. Van Gerwen (Twente) 49
    17. W. v.d. Kerkhof (PSV) 49
    17. Nygaard (AZ) 49
    17. Treytel (AZ) 49
    21. Tol (AZ) 48
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    Oct 4, 2011
    Those were, to state it again, the pilot editions with the latter two being a better reflection as the first edition. They made some big changes after the first edition and after two further seasons they were happy with the results.

    As addition to the points I made earlier:
    • Like in most lists: defenders and goalkeepers have an advantage.
    • It is also a fruitful exercise to look at who are the best rated players within a team instead of within a league. Who supposedly helped to properly function the team and provided consistency? Who carried the (mediocre) team?
    • Ranking is based on points and more games means more points although they drop the two worst ratings of a season. Not playing counts as a 1 out of 10 and therefore it was still an advantage to play all 34 games.
    Next lists are the 'official' editions.
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    1981/1982 Eredivisie

    [I write it down in the way it appeared in the newspaper]

    1. Martin Haar (Haarlem) 111
    2. Olsen (Ajax) 107
    3. Peters (AZ) 105
    4. Poortvliet (PSV) 103
    5. Van Breukelen (Utrecht) 101
    6. Lokhoff (NAC) 100
    7. Schoenaker (Ajax), Balm (Haarlem) 99
    8. R. Koeman (Groningen) 98
    9. Doesburg (PSV), Sanchez-Torres (Twente), Tukker (Groningen), Lerby (Ajax), Marijnissen (Roda JC) 97
    10. Smits (Roda JC), Boeve (Ajax), Jonker (AZ), Masefield (Haarlem), Thoresen (PSV) 96
    11. Schellekens (NEC), Formannoy (Sparta) 95
    12. Endeman (Go Ahead) 94
    13. Oude Wesselink (Go Ahead) 93
    14. Metgod, Gullit, Leysner (Haarlem) 92
    15. Advocaat, Van Tiggelen (Sparta), Hovenkamp (AZ), Jansen (Ajax) 91
    16. Baetsen (MVV), Metgod (AZ) 90
    17. Wouters (Utrecht), Wijnstekers (Feyenoord), Waalderbos (Groningen) 89

    Other noteworthy names:

    18. Kist (AZ) 88
    21. Schrijvers (Ajax) 85
    22. Kieft, Rijkaard (Ajax) 84

    [Kieft was European Golden Boot winner of 1981/82 season!]

    [if someone wants to know the ranking of another name, give me a call - I have about 200 names listed here]
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    Eredivisie 1982-83

    1. Schrijvers (Ajax) 110 points
    2. Versfeld (Helmond Sport); Lerby (Ajax) 104
    4. Olsen (Ajax); Maessen (Fortuna Sittard), Kruys (Utrecht) 102
    7. Metgod (Haarlem) 100
    8. Strom (Excelsior); Hiele, Valke (Feyenoord); Hofman (Roda JC); Van Gaal (Sparta); Keukens (Groningen) 99
    14. Doesburg (PSV) 98
    15. E. Koeman (Groningen); Drost (PEC Zwolle); Van Tiggelen (Sparta) 97
    18. Nielsen (Feyenoord); Van Aerle, Lokhoff, Thoresen (PSV); Eriksen (Roda JC) 96
    23. Smits (Roda JC); Holverda (Sparta) 94
    25. Vanenburg (Ajax); R. Koeman (Groningen); Degens (Roda JC) 93
    28. Leenheer, Ridderhof (Excelsior); Gullit (Feyenoord); Leysner (Haarlem); Schellekens (NEC); Brandts, Poortvliet (PSV); Calderwood (Roda JC); Van Ede (Utrecht) 92

    Other noteworthy names:
    37. Wijnstekers (Feyenoord) 91
    52. Haar (Haarlem); Blind (Sparta) 87

    Again, this is a points-based system. More games = more points even though they 'neutralized' the two worst grades.
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    1983/1984 Eredivisie

    [they shifted here from a 1 to 5 mark to a 1 to 10 scale but that was only a matter of representation]
    1. Cruyff (Feyenoord) 237 points
    2. Van Gaal, Blind (Sparta) 230
    4. Schrijvers (PEC) 229
    5. Maessen (Fortuna Sittard) 225
    6. Holverda (Sparta) 224
    7. Silooy (Ajax), Balm (Haarlem) 223
    9. Valke (PSV) 221
    10. Wijnstekers (Feyenoord) 220
    11. Hoyer (Fortuna Sittard) 218
    12. Van der Horst (Den Bosch); Van Noortwijk (Sparta) 217
    14. Hiele (Feyenoord) 216
    15. Gullit (Feyenoord); Masefield (Haarlem); Smits (Roda JC) 215
    18. Van Geel (Roda JC) 214
    19. Van Grinsven (Den Bosch); Verschoor (Haarlem) 213
    21. Thoresen (PSV); Schellekens (Groningen) 212
    23. Van de Berg (Sparta) 211
    24. Formannoy (Willem II) 209
    25. Koeman (Ajax) 208
    26. Vanenburg (Ajax); Leenheer (Excelsior); Nielsen (Feyenoord); Olde Riekerink (Sparta) 206
    30. De Wit (Utrecht) 205

    Other notable names (in contrast to previous two lists I have only the first 42 names here instead of first 200):
    31. Van Aerle, Brandts (PSV) 204
    36. Jongbloed (GA Eagles); Poortvliet (Roda JC) 203

    The football player association nominated three players for the 1984 calender year:

    - Van Basten
    - Gullit
    - Vanenburg

    Gullit won the vote among colleagues (also former but still active Eredivisie players could vote).

    [note: average rating of Van Basten was 6.97 which had put him somewhere in the top 10 if he had played between 30 and 34 games (between 216 and 236 points). Average rating of Cruyff was 7.18 (33 games) and of Gullit it was 6.51 (33 games)]
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    1984/1985 Eredivisie

    1. Rijkaard (Ajax) 231
    2. Snelders (Twente) 230
    3. Sanchez Torres (Twente) 227
    4. Van Grinsven (Den Bosch) 221
    5. Van Herpen (Den Bosch); Van Tiggelen (Groningen); Metgod (Haarlem) 220
    8. Van Ede (Utrecht) 217
    9. Lokhoff (PSV); Hanssen (Roda JC); Van Noortwijk (Sparta) 216
    12. Been (Feyenoord) 215
    13. Roossien (Groningen) 214
    14. Hofman (Roda JC); Vreijsen (Twente) 213
    16. Suvrijn (Fortuna Sittard); Vermeulen (MVV); Van Geel (Roda JC) 212
    19. Van Goozen, Rutjes (Excelsior) 210
    21. Van der Padt (Excelsior); Van Staveren (MVV) 209
    23. Van der Waart (Den Bosch); Van Dijk (Groningen) 208
    25. Silooy (Ajax); Hiele (Feyenoord) 207
    27. Van de Kerkhof (PSV) 206
    28. Galjé (Ajax); Verkaik (Haarlem); Delahaye (MVV) 205

    Other noteworthy names (I have only the first 50 names):
    31. Van Basten (Ajax), Brandts (PSV) 204
    37. Van Breukelen (PSV) 203

    At the end of 1985 calender year the players representation board (consisted of 12 football players as well, elected by the players themselves) came again with the nominees. It were the same as the year before, a decision they tried to defend.

    - Van Basten
    - Gullit
    - Vanenburg

    This time Van Basten won with a landslide - he had played a good amount of games as well (Ajax won the title that season and Van Basten became again topscorer but some press voices argued that Rijkaard deserved this prize as well).

    The press was a bit critical of this award because supposedly the various cliques voted for players who belonged to 'their' group. I.e. a line of division existed between countryside and city; PSV and Ajax etcetera.
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    Sorry for the inconvenience,

    It seems they did list the players who played less than 30 games in a year in some years like Rijkaard in this season. He played 27 games in this season. Obviously, that is 7 games short of a 'full season' and those were seven games where he did not gain points.

    In all years it is correct though that they 'neutralized' the worst two/three grades.

    In any case, it is important to keep in mind how many games a player played that season. Someone who played all 34 has a considerable advantage.
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    1985-1986 Eredivisie

    1. Gullit (PSV) 245 points
    2. Vanenburg (Ajax); Tahamata (Feyenoord) 230
    4. Scholten (Den Bosch) 228
    5. Hiele (Feyenoord) 227
    6. Menzo (Ajax); Van Herpen (Den Bosch); Van Breukelen (PSV) 226
    9. Van der Padt (Excelsior); Mason (Groningen) 224
    11. Roox (VVV) 222
    12. Molenaar (Feyenoord) 219
    13. Storm (Groningen) 218
    14. Daerden (Roda JC) 216
    15. Van 't Schip (Ajax) 215
    16. Suvrijn (Fortuna Sittard) 214
    17. Silooy (Ajax); Stroomberg (Excelsior); Tukker (Heracles) 213
    20. Van Tiggelen (Groningen); Gorter (Roda JC); Blind (Sparta) 212
    23. Eijer (Sparta) 211
    24. De Koning (AZ67); Leenheer (Excelsior); Van Geel (Roda JC) 210
    27. Koeman (Ajax); Metgod (Haarlem); Brookhuis (NEC) 209
    30. Gillhaus (Den Bosch); Van den Berg (Groningen); Wouters (Utrecht) 208

    Other noteworthy names (I have 100 names in total on the list):
    34. Heintze (PSV) 206
    35. Rijkaard (Ajax) 205
    52. Gerets (PSV) 195
    54. Valkx (VVV) 194
    82. Valke (PSV) 182
    85. De Wit (Ajax) 181
    86. Van Basten (Ajax); Thoresen (PSV) 180
    93. Nielsen (Feyenoord) 178
    97. Mühren (Ajax) 176

    [Give a call if you want to know the rank for a name not listed here]

    Nominees for the 'PFA award' (same methodology - see previous posts) were:

    - Rijkaard
    - Gullit
    - Van Basten

    Gullit won this vote too and that meant that he won both awards (newspaper ranking serves as basis for the other one).

    In spoiler tags a few comments about Gullit and European Golden Boot winner Van Basten:

    Show Spoiler

    Van Basten (26 games) reached his highest level during the Ajax years in this season and won the European Golden Boot. In this consistency ranking however is the 'points per match' superior for Gullit (34 games): 7.20 for Gullit and 6.92 for Van Basten.

    Gullit reached at this age (born 1 September 1962) his physical prime and frequently took on a role as libero in his first PSV year. Downside was that UEFA banned him for six European games.

    Gullit out muscled and outran everyone which led Ajax-coach Cruijff to making the remark that this was, I cite, "cheating". Also Feyenoord coach Israel for the 1986-87 season shared this view: "He is a good footballer but part of his effectiveness has no relationship to football." Cruijff predicted that he would be dominant in any European league besides the Bundesliga. He also predicted that Gullit would meet resistance to maintain the same level. In his words: "If he stays in the Netherlands he will meet the Dutch mentality: if you behave normal you act still crazy enough. If he moves abroad he will discover that fancied Brazilians, Germans and Italians receive a different reception and treatment as a relative nobody star from Holland."
    Maybe his reasoning lacked substance or sense but he was right that Gullit slowed down in the following 1986-87 season when he had a few problems with the coach but also injuries. He was slightly less frightening in the subsequent season.
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    Oct 4, 2011
    1986/1987 Eredivisie

    1. Rijkaard (Ajax) 245 points
    2. Koeman (PSV) 241
    3. Heintze (PSV) 238
    4. Menzo (Ajax); Gullit (PSV) 235
    6. Metgod (Haarlem) 229
    7. Rutten (Twente) 225
    8. Roox (VVV) 224
    9. Tahamata (Feyenoord) 222
    10. Diliberto (Sparta) 220
    11. Stam (Den Haag) 219
    12. Snelders (Twente) 218
    13. Van Breukelen (PSV); Meijer (Roda JC) 217
    15. Wouters (Ajax); De Goey (Sparta) 216
    17. Van Grinsven (Den Bosch) 215
    18. Vanenburg (PSV); Brandts (Roda JC); Reijnierse (VVV) 214
    21. Mason (Groningen); Hanssen (Roda JC); Verhagen (VVV) 213
    24. Otto (Den Haag); Hoekstra (Veendam) 212
    26. Storm (Groningen) 211
    27. Van der Gouw (Go Ahead Eagles); Jans (Roda JC); Plomp (Utrecht) 210

    Other noteworthy names (top 100 available):
    35. Gerets (PSV) 207
    38. Suvrijn (Roda JC) 205
    43. Wijnstekers (Feyenoord) 204
    46. Van 't Schip (Ajax) 202
    59. Bosman (Ajax), Valckx (VVV) 197
    69. Elstrup (Feyenoord) 193
    81. De Wolf (Groningen) 190
    84. Silooy (Ajax) 188
    92. Van Basten (Ajax) 184
    93. Valke (PSV) 183
    95. Blind (Ajax) 182

    'PFA award' had three nominees:
    - Vanenburg
    - R. Koeman
    - Van 't Schip

    Koeman won the award.
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    1987/1988 Eredivisie

    Although this was one of the most successful years in the history of Dutch football, I don't have the rankings for this season.

    I know the overall winner though: Gerald Vanenburg

    I also know the 'PFA nominees':

    - Ronald Koeman
    - Gerald Vanenburg
    - Wim Kieft

    Koeman received the favor of his colleagues for the 1988 calender year. Almost topscorer of 1987-88 season (a broken foot ruined this story), European Cup winner (converted succesfully the penalty kick in shoot-out), national champion, domestic cup winner and of course European champion.
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    Sep 23, 2012
    I didn´t know Van Basten was ranked so low on his Eredivisie years. I remember people often saying that he was the best young dutch talent on that days.
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    Oct 4, 2011
    At the end I'll make an overview how he compared vis-a-vis his main competitors for the topscorer award.
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    1988/1989 Eredivisie

    1. Vanenburg (PSV) 240 points
    2. Paus (Twente) 224 points
    3. Hesp (Fortuna Sittard); Koeman (PSV) 222
    5. Nederburgh (Roda JC) 221
    6. Peeper (Haarlem) 220
    7. Huistra, De Koning (Twente) 219
    9. Lokhoff (Feyenoord); Liesdek (Fortuna Sittard); Boerebach (Roda JC) 215
    12. Boogers (Utrecht) 214
    13. De Haan (MVV); Plomp (Utrecht) 213
    15. Meijer (Groningen); Balm (Twente) 210
    17. Van Duren (Den Bosch); Cooke (PEC Zwolle); Schilder (Volendam) 208
    20. Reijners (Fortuna Sittard); Metgod (Haarlem); Abma (PEC Zwolle); Godee (Willem II) 207
    24. Menzo (Ajax); Gerets (PSV) 205
    26. Delahaye (MVV); Roox (VVV) 204
    28. Boessen (Fortuna Sittard); Roossien (Groningen) 203
    30. Jans (Veendam); Van Loen (Volendam) 202

    Other noteworthy names (top 100 list)

    36. De Goey (Sparta) 199
    52. Blind (Ajax); Numan (Haarlem) 189
    58. Heintze (PSV) 187
    83. Metgod (Feyenoord) 177

    'PFA award' had three nominees for 1989 calender year:

    - Jan Wouters
    - Gerald Vanenburg
    - Romario

    Colleagues voted for Romario (who wasn't listed in the top 100 'consistency' list above by the way).
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    Oct 4, 2011
    1989/1990 Eredivisie

    1. Sturing (Vitesse) 240 points
    2. Blind (Ajax) 227
    3. Van Ede (Utrecht) 226
    4. Hesp (Fortuna Sittard) 225
    5. Gerets (PSV); De Goey (Sparta) 224
    7. Van der Gouw (Vitesse); Otto (Den Haag) 222
    9. Van Grinsven (Den Bosch) 220
    10. Van 't Schip (Ajax); Thijssen (Vitesse) 218
    12. De Koning (Twente); Van den Brom (Vitesse) 216
    14. Hiele (Feyenoord) 214
    15. Brookhuis (NEC); Hanssen (Roda JC); Bos (Vitesse) 213
    18. Bogers (RKC) 212
    19. Metgod (Haarlem); Van Breukelen (PSV) 211
    21. Wilson (Groningen) 210
    22. Roossien (Groningen); Arts (NEC) 209
    24. Brard (RKC) 208
    25. De Kock (Utrecht); Schilder (Volendam) 207
    27. Van Eck (Den Bosch) 205
    28. Winter (Ajax) 204
    29. De Haan (MVV); Hoekstra (RKC) 203
    31. Heintze (PSV); Laamers (Vitesse) 202

    Other noteworthy names (top 100 names):
    49. Wouters (Ajax) 191
    55. Lerby (PSV) 188
    63. Menzo (Ajax) 185
    71. Kieft (PSV) 182
    87. Witschge (Ajax) 176

    'PFA award' had three nominees:

    - Jan Wouters
    - John van 't Schip
    - Romario

    Jan Wouters won the award

    Good to note: Dennis Bergkamp (25 games in 89/90) was unanimously voted as 'big prospect of the year', ahead of his teammate Witschge.

    Menzo was voted as best goalkeeper by his colleagues, ahead of Van Breukelen and Ruud Hesp.
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    Oct 4, 2011
    1990/1991 Eredivisie

    1. Meijer (Groningen) 237 points
    2. Blind (Ajax) 230
    3. Metgod (Sparta) 226
    4. Brands (RKC); Hesp (Fortuna Sittard) 223
    6. Heintze (PSV) 221
    7. De Koning (Twente) 220
    8. Bergkamp (Ajax); De Goey (Feyenoord) 217
    10. Van Ede (Utrecht) 216
    11. Arts (NEC); Latuheru (Vitesse) 215
    13. Van den Brom (Vitesse) 213
    14. F. de Boer (Ajax); Hiele (SVV); Steur (Volendam); Jansen (Willem II) 212
    18. Wouters (Ajax) 211
    19. Teeuwen (RKC); Eijer (Vitesse) 210
    21. Roossien (Groningen) 209
    22. Otto (Den Haag); Mrkela (Twente) 208
    24. Lodewijks (Groningen); Goulooze (Heerenveen); De Kock (Utrecht); Veldman (Willem II) 207
    28. Witschge (Ajax) 206
    29. Van der Linden (NEC) 205
    30. Van Geel (Willem II) 204

    Other noteworthy names:
    31. Van der Gouw (Vitesse) 203
    34. Van Breukelen (PSV) 202
    44. Van 't Schip (Ajax) 195
    48. Winter (Ajax); Valckx (PSV) 193
    50. Metgod (Feyenoord) 192
    69. Popescu (PSV) 187
    74. Vanenburg (PSV) 185
    97. Menzo (Ajax) 168

    'PFA award' had three nominees for 1991 calender year:

    - Bergkamp (Ajax)
    - Kieft (PSV)
    - Wouters (Ajax)

    Bergkamp won this vote.

    Van Breukelen was voted as best GK ahead of De Goey and Menzo; Gaston Taument (Feyenoord) was talent of the year.
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    Oct 4, 2011
    1991/1992 Eredivisie

    1. Johnny Metgod (Feyenoord) 234 points
    2. Valke (Sparta) 232
    3. Brands (RKC) 225
    4. De Goey (Feyenoord) 223
    5. Menzo (Ajax); Kieft (PSV) 222
    7. Hiele (SVV/Dordrecht90) 221
    8. Stam (Den Haag) 218
    9. Van der Gaag (Sparta); Van der Gouw (Vitesse) 217
    11. Maessen (Fortuna Sittard) 216
    12. Lodewijks (Groningen); Van Ede (Utrecht) 214
    14. Bolesta (Roda JC) 213
    15. Hesp (Fortuna Sittard); Visser (MVV); Van den Brom, Sturing (Vitesse) 212
    19. Van Breukelen (PSV) 211
    20. Van Kessel (De Graafschap); Agu (MVV) 210
    22. Olde Riekerink (Groningen); Teeuwen (RKC) 208
    24. Bergkamp (Ajax); Laamers (Vitesse) 207
    26. Olijslager (De Graafschap); Metgod (Sparta); Mulder (Twente) 205
    29. D. de Nooijer (Sparta); Roest (Utrecht) 204

    Other noteworthy names (top 100 available):
    39. Van Aerle (PSV) 198
    43. Overmars (Willem II) 197
    45. R. de Boer (Twente) 196
    50. Popescu (PSV); Cocu (Vitesse) 195
    56. Taument (Feyenoord) 191
    61. Winter (Ajax); Heintze (PSV) 188
    67. F. de Boer, Pettersson (Ajax) 187
    74. Numan (Twente) 185
    78. Rob Witschge (Feyenoord) 183

    'PFA award' had three nominees for 1992 calender year:

    - Bergkamp
    - Wim Jonk
    - Romario

    Bergkamp won the award for a second consecutive time (Jonk finished second and Romario third).

    Marc Overmars of Willem II was talent of the year and Van Breukelen goalkeeper of the year.
  20. PuckVanHeel

    PuckVanHeel Member+

    Oct 4, 2011
    1992/1993 Eredivisie

    1. Overmars (Ajax) 231 points
    2. De Kock (Utrecht) 223
    3. Brands (RKC) 222
    4. F. de Boer (Ajax) 221
    5. Van Ede (Utrecht); Grim (Cambuur Leeuwarden) 220
    7. Van Grinsven (MVV); Cocu (Vitesse); Zoetebier (Volendam) 219
    10. Van der Gouw (Vitesse) 218
    11. Metgod (Feyenoord); Laamers (Vitesse) 217
    13. Arts (Twente) 216
    14. Lanckohr (MVV); Hesp (Fortuna Sittard) 215
    16. Latuheru (Vitesse) 214
    17. De Goey (Feyenoord); Van Hoogdalem (RKC); Bos (Vitesse) 213
    20. Meijer (MVV) 211
    21. R. de Boer (Ajax) 208
    22. Witschge (Feyenoord); Metgod (Sparta); Smolarek (Utrecht) 206
    25. Vurens (Twente) 205
    26. Taument (Feyenoord); Ensink (Go Ahead Eagles) 204
    28. Visser (MVV); Vermeulen (Vitesse); Maessen (Fortuna Sittard) 203

    Other noteworthy names (top 100 list available):

    39. Blinker (Feyenoord); Waterreus (Roda JC) 194
    49. Blind (Ajax) 189
    63. Bergkamp (Ajax) 182
    67. Vink (Ajax) 180
    69. Van Tiggelen (PSV) 179
    74. De Wolf (Feyenoord) 177
    82. Van Gastel (Willem II) 171
    86. Pettersson (Ajax); Mols (Twente) 168
    96. Valke (Sparta) 166
    99. Davids, Silooy (Ajax) 165

    'PFA award' for 1993 calender year had three nominees:

    - Jari Litmanen
    - Ronald de Boer
    - Hans Gillhaus

    Litmanen won the award.

    Best goalkeeper was Ed de Goey and talent of the year was Clarence Seedorf.
    [Seedorf was then 17 years old and one of the youngest debuting players ever in the league - made immediately an impression]

    In spoiler tags also a few comments about Litmanen who is to be honest a favorite of mine and one of the select few Ajax players who I can appreciate (so you know I'm biased here):
    Show Spoiler

    The impact and role of Litmanen was very recently very well described by himself and friend Danny Blind in a television programme. A Finnish documentary is made about Litmanen and that one makes a name in the Netherlands too.

    Blind told how well he immediately took over the "Bergkamp role" behind the three forwards (right-winger; center forward; left-winger). Litmanen was originally attracted as a so called "number 6" but in the 1992/93 season Van Gaal tried Litmanen on Bergkamp his place when Bergkamp could not play. Litmanen did well.

    According to Blind and himself the adaptation in the 1993/94 season went rapidly because there was a minor difference with Bergkamp: Bergkamp was a forward converted into a midfielder, Litmanen a central midfielder converted into a so called 'shadow striker'. Because Litmanen was schooled as midfielder, his "natural tendency was to guard the interest of the team first, his natural disposition was to make the team-interest his own interest and immediately understand the core patterns of the team." For that reason, he understood the Ajax way of playing very fast. However, as Blind put it "he was a midfielder who despite of that still made those 20 necessary goals in a season."

    Litmanen himself confirmed this view.

    Also a short comment about the relatively low ratings of Bergkamp in these lists (1991-1993) despite playing a considerable amount of games in most seasons:

    As said, this is a consistency ranking and they did not mind to give a 4 out of 10 for a invisible game.
    Van Gaal had a good explanation why Bergkamp was invisible in some games (apart from scoring a goal): the opposition knew Bergkamp was making a name for himself around Europe (see Ballon d'Or ranking in 1992 and 1993) so they even guarded him closer. This granted space however for attack oriented defenders like Frank de Boer and Danny Blind. Van Gaal stimulated those two to join the attack if Bergkamp was shut down. Obviously, those two were good players too, who only could move forward because of their reliability, but this also helps to explain a little bit why Blind and De Boer ended high in the rankings of quite a few years.

    It needs to be said though that Bergkamp was criticized and less sparkling in the last few months of his last season at Ajax.
  21. schwuppe

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    Sep 17, 2009
    FC Kryvbas Kryvyi Rih
    The final points are just avg. rating * games played?
    What were Romario's points in each season?
  22. PuckVanHeel

    PuckVanHeel Member+

    Oct 4, 2011
    OK, here is the last one I have so far. If someone wants to process these rankings in something else I don't mind to PM the original photocopies by the way.

    Maybe I will go ahead with the 'PFA award' thing but I need to find out whether I can get these complete and until which year.

    Unfortunately, of the 1993/1994 season ranking I only got the first 30 names.

    1993/1994 Eredivisie

    1. De Goey (Feyenoord) 232 points
    2. Overmars (Ajax) 224
    3. Helder (Vitesse) 223
    4. Karelse (NAC); Van de Leur (Roda JC) 219
    6. Cocu (Vitesse); Van der Gouw (Vitesse) 218
    8. Boschker (Twente) 216
    9. Zoetebier (Volendam) 215
    10. F. de Boer (Ajax) 213
    11. Metgod (Sparta) 212
    12. Van Hoogdalem (Roda JC); Veldman (Sparta); Van Ede (Utrecht) 211
    15. Hoogma (Twente); Jansen (Willem II) 210
    17. Grim (Cambuur); Van Breukelen (PSV); Bogarde (Sparta); De Kock (Utrecht) 209
    21. De Visser (Heerenveen); Waterreus (Roda JC) 208
    23. Lanckohr (MVV); Numan (PSV) 206
    25. Heering (Go Ahead Eagles); Reiziger (Groningen) 204
    27. Van der Sar (Ajax); Silooy (Ajax); L'Ami (Heerenveen); Gillhaus (Vitesse) 203

    PFA award nominees for 1994 calender year:

    - Rijkaard
    - Litmanen
    - Ronald de Boer

    The press predominantly emphasized that all three nominees played for Ajax. The columnists expressed the view that Rijkaard deserved this prize and that his colleagues should see the form he showed in the whole 1994 year. The argument 'he never won the PFA award and a player like him deserves to see his name appearing in the list alongside Koeman, Van Basten and Gullit' was also expressed.

    Winner was however Ronald de Boer. Rijkaard indeed came second.

    Clarence Seedorf became again talent of the year, this time as 18 year old.

    Van der Sar was goalkeeper of the 1994 year. It was suggested that De Goey his error in the 1994 World Cup quarter-final against Brazil cost him dearly, as well as the interview he made after the game. De Goey said directly after the match that he was "happy to go home" and see his "wife and kids again".
    Some rants against Brazil and their two offside goals also became the conclusion for the 1994 calender year in the heads of a few journalists.
  23. PuckVanHeel

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    Oct 4, 2011
    Once again:

    You indeed get points for each additional game played. The ratings are added and become 'points'. Hence: a 6, a 7 and a 9 becomes 22 points.

    Hence, someone who played 34 games has a big advantage.

    However, they had a method to neutralize the two or three worst ratings of a season. Another reason why someone with 33 games had an advantage over someone with 29 games.

    The best way to calculate average rating is: total points / amount of games played.

    That gets a rough rating.

    In case of Romario: he was unlike Van Basten never listed among the first 100. Partially because he did not play enough games, partially because of his ratings.

    I can calculate what approximately his maximum average rating was by looking at the total amount of points of the guys at 'rank 100' and divide it by the amount of games played by Romario.
  24. PuckVanHeel

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    Oct 4, 2011
    Romario had at best these points:

    In 1988/1989 the guys Driessen and Eijer had 169 points.

    In 1989/1990 the guys Helmond, Verrips and Hermes had also 169 points

    In 1990/1991 four guys had 168 points

    In 1991/1992 five guys had 177 points [no typo]

    In 1992/1993 six guys had 165 points

    In all those seasons I have the full top 100

    You can calculate for your yourself what his average rating was at best. Approximately, that is (because they have a method to neutralize the worst two/three ratings).

    Looking quickly at how they rate subs:

    For both 88/89 and 92/93 they only gave no rating to players if he played less than 15 minutes. Can't find their protocol for subs that quick for other seasons but I guess that it did not vary much, in case it varied.
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    Lima, Peru
    Superb job here, mate

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