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Discussion in 'Video and Computer Games' started by Red Harvest, Apr 16, 2006.

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    Mar 5, 2001

    Heard it has its share of bugs and growing pains (understandable for a new online game.)

    One major complaint I have read is that they're not necessarily adhering to the D&D rules. Using D&D more as a template. If so, then why use the D&D name? I guess they paid $$$$ to Wizards Of The Coast for use of the D&D moniker to sell games.

    I don't know, anyone have it? Played it?

    I'd like to get into a MMORP but I don't know whether I should go with WoW, Guild Wars or D&DO.
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    Oct 7, 2003
    The guys in my BF2 clan swear by WoW. They pony up the cash to play it and seem to love it.
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    I was keeping updates on the D&DO early last year...I know when they were posting updates aroound a year ago they were stressing on how they were trying to stick by the D&D rules as much as they could and make the gameplay fun. They have a focus on Parties/grouping with others as a mian play feature, so you cant be a loner and really play by yourself. Alot of folks were a bit unsure how that would play out. I guess I will have to read some more on D&DO since I have been out of the loop since December.

    WOW...Is great from what I hear. I have several friends who have been trying to get me to give it a whirl, but Knowing how much they are WOW-crack heads...seems like That may be a good MMORP for you.

    Guild Wars... I played that for a few months...I like..**FREE ONLINE PLAY** is what made me give it a try. I know they are alyways updating and when a new area comes out you have to pay for that, but never for a online month fee...GW was my first MMORP I dished out the cash for. It is a good game if you like playing by yourself or looking for a group to do a run with. Money is hard to come by and some areas are really hard to get through if you try and use the NPC's henchmen...so you are kinda forced to join a party...and are always looking for a healer who wont get canned in the first 10 mins. I havent really played for about 4 months...which is a long time in a MMORP world, so I am unsure how I will do when I log in and continue where I left off. If you are a newbie like me the the MMORP thing...I would try GW 1st.. **free online game play** & if you dont mind the month fee...go with WOW.


    Still waiting for Diablo 3!!!! Come on Blizzard!!!:mad:
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    Diablo 3.. Im hoping it never comes out.. i dont want my addiction to go even further.. Im still playing D2 every day...

    I do want it to come out.. but dont think ill have the time to play when it does come out..

    Guild Wars.. bought it and love it. I play with a friend of mine.. 2 person guild. we dont really play enough to warrant and get mroe people to play with us.. the pvp is fun and I have never been a fan of pvp.. but guild wars pvp is great.. fast action and enjoyable especially when you have good people around you.

    Im planning to buy the expansion: Factions when it comes out the 28th..

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