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    Duke opened their season this evening beating Hartford 5-2. Here is the writeup from goduke.com:

    Duke 5 - Hartford 2

    Duke got off to a quick start, leading 2-0 at the half with goals by Junior transfer Joe Germanese and Michael Videira. Second half goals for Duke were scored by Videira, Mike Grella, and Brad Ramsey.

    Both of Videira's goals were blasts with the outside of his foot that hit the inside of the post and went in. Mike's second was a rebound after his own header bounced off the crossbar. Grella's goal was a beautiful diving header off a cross from Zach Pope (also assisted by Videira).

    Duke looked pretty good overall. Duke's skill level was obviously much higher resulting in the Blue Devils controlling the vast majority of the posession. Both goals given up by Duke were the result of serious defensive lapses. The first was a terrible clearance that ended up at the foot of a Hartford player with noone between him and the goal. The second came after Duke's keeper Papadakis got caught in no-man's land after starting to come out of the box to clear a ball but then thinking better of it. The Hartford player was smart enough to chip the ball right over the top of the backpeddling Papadakis from about 35 yards out. To Papadakis's credit, though, Duke's 3rd string right back was in the game (Darrius Barnes was in street clothes and appeared to have his ankle wrapped) and really should have been all over that ball.

    Duke moved the ball well and created a ton of scoring opportunities, but looked a little bored at times. They really need to build the habit of playing hard for all 90 minutes. Videira has really stepped in and filled Blake Camp's role of making the offense click. He really controls the middle of the field and distributes the ball incredibly well. Joe Germanese was a nice surprise... he will be an important part of this team all season, but had a tendancy to disappear for stretches tonight.

    I love watching Grella play, and he had plenty of opportunities to show off his skills tonight. The ball is just glued to his foot when he dribbles through a big crowd of defenders. He also has a pretty firey personality which I think this team needs... Videira and Loftus are both pretty cool-mannered. Speaking of Loftus, he played well enough tonight, but didn't really do anything special.

    I'm really looking forward to seeing this team square off against all the great teams in the ACC. It should be a fun season for the conference.

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