"drug war" in colombia. interview with retired u.s. sergeant

Discussion in 'Politics & Current Events' started by CFnwside, Jul 31, 2002.

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    That was awesome. This guy sees it.
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    My view on our aid to Columbia is that we maintain a balance of poer. Without our aid FARC would overrun the Columbia no doubt about it. It would be very bloody. Death everywhere. But the right wing paramilitaries would survive of course and the whole thing would just start all over again.

    There is one other possiblity, Farc could fall apart right after victory just like in Afganistan.
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    Stan Goff said
    This thing reads like a bad movie script. It sounds like this guy has been sitting in the jungle for the last 30 years with only copies of Webster's Dictionary and Naomi Klein's No Logo.

    I think he is saying that we are really there to protect the pipelines but he needs an editor who will get him to focus. He needs to learn about using an "economy of words" before anyone will listen to him.


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