drills for a forward

Discussion in 'Coach' started by sudhan, Sep 1, 2002.

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    Aug 22, 2002
    are there ani effective drills for a forward?
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    one i like to run is setting up two squares to the left and to the right of the pk spot just inside the 18. The square is about 5by5. have too feeders about 10 yards away. two lines out side the 18. place a cone on the pk spot. Line on the left runs to the far square going around the cone at the pk spot i a looping fashion, right does the same thing. Player receives the ball in the square, back to goal and has to turn and shoot inside the square. alternate lines. Its a good drill for teaching them to turn and shoot in tight spaces. after you run the players thru this drill several times. remove the squares, put a defender in the box at the pk spot, forward infront of him, back to goal. put 3 balls at the top of the arch. feed the first ball and have him turn and shoot and try to beat the defender. As soon as he shoots, send the next one in right away and then the next. Do not allow him to dribble more than 3 or 4 feet to beat the defender. run the forwards thru this about 3 or 4 times, which would be 9-12 balls. alternate players after every 3 balls,,,this drill is exhausting.

    another good drill is cat and mouse. two lines on each side of the 18. Defenders on the inside line. defenders are not allowed out of the 18. forwards take the ball along the 18 going from left to right in front of the goal trying to beat the defender and take a shot on goal. Put restrictions like, you can only shoot if you get the defender off balance or going the other way. And do not allow defenders to cross the 18. then gradually lift restrictions. allow defenders to poke at the ball if its close to the line and allow shooters to shoot when they feel like they have a shot.
    I found these drills on a website a few years ago. Pretty sure it was the university of SCarolina. I used them for the first time 4 years ago with my JV team. it seemed to pay off pretty good, because they got real good at shooting inside the 18 in close quarters.

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