Does Anyone Have Any Good Links to the History of all Football types?

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    Sep 30, 1999
    I am doing a research project on football history and found some good stuff at Soccer Nova(thanks man), but i would like to know more. I need three types of references. I have used encyclopedia's(sp) and the internet. Are there any good books that can be found in library that focus on all forms of football. I still need some help with Aussie Rules, Canadian Rules, and Gaelic Rules football. Any help would be nice.
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    Oct 10, 2003
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    Aussie Rules is a great game. I am a fan of the game.
    Did some searching on "" - Typed in Aussie Rules history -There are some sites in Oz that may help you.
    Tried Amazon - There are books listed but not available in US
    Suggestion - Go to The home of Aussie Rules in the US. Lots of Expat Aussies there.
    Contact the Admin email address.

    What are Canadian Rules and how do you know about our game of Aussie Rules. - Just curious.

    Aussie Rules - Our Game - Our Culture


    Sep 30, 1999

    Aussie Rules is on Fox Sports World sometimes. It's kinda fun to watch.

    Also, Canadian rules football is like American rules football for the most part, but the end zones are bigger and the goal post are at the front of the end zone instead of the back. There are other rules too, but do a google search and you will find something about it.

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