Does Anybody Know The Names Of These Books?

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    All of these are fiction:

    1. The antagonist is a girl or young woman who changes from calling the protagonist's father to calling the protagonist during the night. The antagonist was injured in a fire at a movie theater and the book provides that story twice, from the point of view of the antagonist and from the point of view of the protagonist's father who accidentally started the fire. At the end the antagonist and her brother are in a car with the protagonist and inject him with a drug. He manages to get away. I read this in seventh grade.

    2. The protagonist is a boy who hums along to the Pledge of Allegiance when it is played at school. He says he means no disrespect, but the school finds it unacceptable and makes his mother pick him up. The issue of whether he has the right to hum along gets discussed on local talk radio and affects the school budget vote.

    3. I saw the movie for this book in elementary school and then some classes at my middle school read it. The male teacher institutes a caste system with two groups of students treated very unequally. At the end the teacher shows the students a video of the Nazis telling the students that they just followed orders like some of the Nazis used as a criminal defense rather than telling the teacher what he was doing was wrong.

    4. This book is about how children get along (or don't get along) after everybody older than 14 dies (I don't remember the exact age, but it was near 14). The protagonist is a girl. At the end of the book children use the school as a shelter. It had an unhappy ending. One of my elementary school teachers read this book out loud to the class.

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