Does a YC suspension carry into playoffs?

Discussion in 'MLS: News & Analysis' started by kevbrunton, Oct 23, 2003.

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    If someone is currently on the Official Warning list and gets a yellow card this weekend, are they suspended for the first playoff game?

    Do the caution points carry into the playoffs? Suppose someone on the list who does not get a yellow card this weekend gets one in the first playoff game. Are they suspended for the 2nd playoff game?

    The following are on the Official Warning list.

    Chicago: Beasley
    Colorado: Beckerman, Trembly, Kotschau
    Columbus: Clark, Maisoneuve
    DC United: Ivanov, Stoitchkov
    Kansas City: Gutierrez, Prek, Zavagnin
    Los Angeles: Jones, Suarez, Marshall
    New York: Clark, Mathis
    New England: Joseph
    San Jose: Agoos, Corrales, Ekelund

    If a suspension "earned" in the regular season gets served in the first playoff game, but the caution points don't carry into the playoffs, then it would make sense to sit some of these guys to insure that they don't pick up a caution.

    If I'm Chicago, San Jose, Los Angeles, New York or New England, I'm sitting anyone on the list. Maybe even KC and Colorado -- but they might want the #2 seed.

    If the points carry throughout the playoffs, then it doesn't matter -- don't play them or not play them just on the basis of the YC points.
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    Any suspension resulting from yellow card earned in a players final regular season game will NOT carry over into the playoffs or the next League season, although any applicable fines will be collected. However, point accumulations from yellow cards will begin anew in the playoffs. Any player who receives a red card in his last game of the season (regular or postseason), will serve the one game suspension during their next game, regardless of if it occurs in the playoffs, MLS Cup or the first game of the following regular season. Postseason caution point suspensions earned in a player's final postseason match will not carry over to a player's next League game. All red card and caution point suspensions will, if necessary (in the event of a trade or other personnel moves), follow a player to a new team.

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