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    There is a short column in the December 2004 edition of Highlights for Children magazine (page 13). The article is titled "Never too small" and discusses under-sized athletes being able to compete. It includes quotes from Tiffeny Milbrett, Earl Boykins, Brian Roberts, Nastia Liukin and Wayne Chrebet and DMB.

    I can't find a URL.

    Here is the substance of the article.

    When opposing soccer players catch sight of 5-feet-7, 130 pound DMB, they think it will be easy to push him away from the ball. The speedy midfielder is fouled more often than any player in men's professional soccer (ed.-that's the quote), but that has not slowed him down.

    "I know that I'm skinny; I just don't like hearing about it all the time," DMB says. "As long as you can play the sport, size does not matter. There is no substitute for skill. Ever since I was a kid I've been small, (ed. - When I was a kid - I was a lot smaller :) ) so I use the abilities I do have. I use my speed, my brains, positioning, and ball-handling skills.

    Ok, I guess the first question from the huddled masses, is why is JSF reading Highlights? Well, I could claim that my 10 yo showed it to me, or that I needed reading material for the restroom (and that was the only thing available), or that I like Goofus and Gallant. But the truth is my wife brought this to my attention - WHY was she reading highlights? I don't know and after 18 years of marriage some things are just best left unsaid.


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