Djordje Mihailovic at AZ Alkmaar

Discussion in 'Yanks Abroad' started by DirectK, Feb 28, 2019.

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    Bwhahahaha...they all count.
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    Hey, I like a low header, if it's not going to get you kicked in the noggin'. There's a much shorter distance from eye to head, than eye to foot. And you're not starting w/ the ball at the crossbar like your typical one. Higher chance of success than lacing thru one.

    Djordje really needed that goal. He was a step off the pace off the ball to get home on pressures/wins and to a position to receive it offensively. The game was passing him by. He started to get it going, at least offensively, at some point after. I don't know if it was the goal to relax him, or the game slowing down from others getting tired.
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    Pitching wedge
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    great goal and not that easy. Head low, put the ball up high!
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    Love Hatzidiakos giving him the "low head" celebration. Teammates seemed quite happy for him. Didn't get to watch this, but you're certainly more likely to get another shot at de Wit's spot if you score than if you don't - even if it is with your nose on the grass.
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    Big win today, btw, for AZ. Deventer is having a decent season and with both Feyenie and PSV stumbling in game 18, AZ closes to within 2 of the top spot and even if Ajax beat Volendam (as they should) there's still a 3 point gap to 3rd.
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    I bet halfway down he was thinking why the F didn't I just use my foot.
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    I enjoyed how his teammates teased him (lovingly) after the goal. That was an odd one to say the least but it is really cool he got on the score sheet. AZ is on fire right now and de Witt's injury gives Djordje a fantastic opportunity to make his mark on a winning team. I was impressed with Djordje's pressing today. He seemed to be really going for it and he forced several decent turnovers.
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    he was a guy who had a real shot to make our team at WC. Injuries just got him at the wrong time!
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  11. Actually AZ ended the 11 non defeat streak they had, so it is a very good result for them, which by the way confirmed AZ away form with this being their 8th away win. AZ wins more matches away than at home.
    And Feyenoord did win too yesterday, so no stumbling. This season might become another one with several clubs untill the very end with the title grab chance.
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    Yeah AZ away has been quite a force (and, of course, I was referencing the Ajax "stumble"... lol) Don't know how long Dani is out for, but they'll need Djordie and/or others to step up as he's been a big contributor to their success. Could be a fun last few months.
  13. Given the insane schedule AZ is facing, Djordje is going to have much more minutes than he would have expected, coming over here.
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    Yep, de Wit's injury will be either a great chance, or too much too fast. Hoping it's the former, but this was a bad time for AZ to lose him. I haven't seen any updates on how long they expect him to be out, have you?
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  15. They were talking about a couple of weeks. For AZ's sake it better means about two, given high profile games on the menu, among which versus Feyenoord.
    This one most likely will be the battle of the yanks!!

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    Was looking over the Live TV Schedule for this weekend and there are not a ton of tasty games but this one looks like it could be a real good one. Booth vs. Djordje.
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  17. Well, given this midweek results AZ and Feyenoord got a boost by the points losses of the 3 other title contenders,
    so it's vital for both to get wins to keep that gap solid. For AZ it's especially important to win, as Feyenoord takes on FC Twente, one of the title contenders. So when AZ wins they're either going to grab spot 1 or put more light between them and FC Twente.
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    I remember Marcelo Balboa scoring a header like that for the USA back in the '90s.
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    Ajax has decided to tie every game for the rest of the year it seems. The door is well open for AZ to get to Europe if it can stay even close to current form.
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    I remember scoring a goal like that in a scrimmage where I wasn't allowed to score with my feet.
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  21. Not only Europe, but straight into the CL or playing qualifiers for it.
  22. [​IMG] › pro › az-nieuweling-djordje-mihailovic-de-eerste-weken-waren-een-shock
    AZ-nieuweling Djordje Mihailovic: 'De eerste weken waren een shock ...
    2 dagen geledenDjordje Mihailovic (24) stelt zichzelf voor. Een monoloog over zijn jeugd in Chicago, de magie van Johan Cruijff, het gemiste WK, trainen met Bastian Schweinsteiger en Lionel Messi, zijn fascinatie voor sterrenkunde en de eerste ervaringen in Alkmaar. Vanwege de blessure van Dani de Wit lijkt Mihailovic de komende weken de kans te krijgen bij AZ.

    Djordje Mihailovic (24) introduces himself.
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