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Discussion in 'Columbus Crew' started by Kryptonite, Aug 3, 2002.

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    Yeah, there's the stuff on the AS game and McBride being ticked at the league for not letting any deals come in.

    And there's some news from the mouth of Garber.

    Expansion possible in 2004, at the earliest. And taht stuff we've already talked about in other threads. Once again, he explains that they need investors and stadiums and cities to make expansion possible.

    Developing youth programs is a high priority.

    He also announced that the 2003 AS game and MLS Cup will be in Carson, CA at the Galaxy's new facilities.
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    Lets hear how they plan to develop feeder youth programs.

    The rest of the world, as he says, hell...most of them play pick up without organized interference when young...I say they should get their arses into the inner cities and hope to get some of the kids who end up in the NBA...NFL (yes, not all are big and fat) and baseball.

    If they are looking for $$$ in this development program...they are missing out on some great athletes. time to find the kids withought the money.
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    News from out of the mouth of Garber is a contradiction in terms...

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