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Discussion in 'New York Red Bulls' started by GUYJ, Oct 16, 2003.

  1. GUYJ

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    Mar 6, 2000
    Lincoln Park, NJ
    I don't post very often, and when I do I try not to be negative. But last night sent me over the edge. It's not that we lost to a superior team, so be it. But home match after home match it's the same crap - how about some entertainment, how about giving the faithful something to cheer about, HOW ABOUT GETTING A FREAKING GOAL! What really gets me if that after watching this team almost every week I'm convinced if we had played on the road last night there is a good chance Metro would have the Cup - we would have at least scored. And beyond the fact that ESC and other loyal fans deserve better let's not forget the bigger picture. Our attendance this year has not been great - what a suprise. I used to come down on the "casual fan" who would not come to matches consistently. Frankly I don't blame them one bit anymore. It's not a matter of giving up - but how can we not be fed up at this point?
  2. red&black1

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    Mar 8, 2003
    Kearny NJ
    I'm not fed up one bit.... i'm proud of my team for making it this far to begin with. When have we ever been so close to actually winning something?
    If u ask me that alone is a definate improvement over the past years.

    And to the casual fan that doesn't come back because of lack of entertainment... what were u expecting ManU vs Real Madrid?? Its two MLS teams fighting for a cup- can u expect anything else then a scrappy game?? And for anyone wanting to see some entertaining local soccer one day- its only through continued support that we will ever reach that point...

    yeah i was unhappy leaving the stadium like anyone else last night but it comes with the territory- win some, lose some. To me, this team looks to be headed in the right direction and thats all i care about. This is just the begining- have patience my friend.

  3. riverplate

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    Jan 1, 2003
    Corona, Queens
    CA River Plate
    Let's knock it off. You know as well as anyone that nobody was expecting Real or Man U last night.

    Your view of the glass being half-full for this organization may be noble--and, in the long run, true--but don't disparage the views of those who saw with their own eyes last night a club which was lacking the veteran leadership and, surprisingly, the hunger necessary from the same to deliver a cup victory.

    You could cut the frustration with a knife. Even I was frustrated and bummed out. It affected me a lot more than I would have imagined. I certainly don't regret attending, but the experience was a real downer for me. We all know the club can play better than this. And so do you.

    I believe something else fueling the frustration and rage of fans is the poor publicity and press coverage this match received. No one saw the front office go into high-gear with the PR on this and I think that really hit home upon entering the stadium. I thought I was walking into a ghost town when I arrived at 7:20.

    Thank heavens 101 turned out in force. They should be proud of themselves, coming in impressive numbers and sounding great.
  4. I'm pretty much with red & black on this one. The team, within one year, has managed to make the playoffs and reach a cup final (Atlantic Cup doesn't count). Last year we had nada. Also, although the season ain't over yet, we've managed to avoid the perennial late season implosion that has characterized our team in every year but 2000.

    Notwithstanding the disappointment of last night's loss, I'll bet Bob and the team are back at work today quietly getting reading for the next game and preparing for the playoffs.

    I see a more professional and cohesive organization, something this Club has never had up to this point.
  5. red&black1

    red&black1 New Member

    Mar 8, 2003
    Kearny NJ

    give me a break.... your not even a real Metrofan...
    u keep talking about how MLS need to put a club in NY with a 80,000 seat stadium and stuff like that...

    this thread is for the sane...
  6. living_ded_boy

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    May 24, 2001
    Pleasanton, Ca
    Was it a Yankee/RedSox thing? 5k for a Cup Final is pretty bad. Even in Dallas or SJ. What's up with that?
  7. red&black1

    red&black1 New Member

    Mar 8, 2003
    Kearny NJ

    No Metro front office promotions... no one really knew about it
  8. red&black1

    red&black1 New Member

    Mar 8, 2003
    Kearny NJ

    No MetroStars promoting done... no one really knew about it
  9. MetroFever

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    Jun 3, 2001
    New York Red Bulls
    Nat'l Team:
    My opinion of a "casual fan" is someone who goes to 2-3 home games a year and watches a handful of games on TV.

    That same fan could care less that they were playing for the US Open Cup final. As far as that fan is concerned it's not worth shelling out $75 (for 2 tix, parking and food) for something they see as a Mickey Mouse tournament. More people showed up to see a "meaningless" match on a Saturday night against a team that's 5-17-4.

    Even taking into consideration that this was supposed to be a "rebuilding year", I must admit I walked out of GS as if I had been punched in the stomach.
  10. riverplate

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    Jan 1, 2003
    Corona, Queens
    CA River Plate
    That's the reason you should listen to me. If they pissed me off, you can imagine how the "real Metrofans" feel. Instead of giving a wait-till-next-year pep talk, remove the rose-colored glasses.

    Only 5,000 showed because the match was played at Giants? 5,000 is 5,000 even in a smaller Harrison Stadium. The publicity stunk. Don't let the front office off the hook

    You're asking a lot. This is Big Soccer. We're all off our rockers.
  11. studsup

    studsup New Member

    Aug 12, 2001
    Garden State, born N
    Arrived at parking lot - ghost town with a few tumbleweeds.

    Entered stadium with such a feeling of anticipation, realy, really up for the match

    Heard the subwoofer thundering entrance of the ESC, nice to see there's more of you. Great turnout!

    Saw Woly and Magee heard for the bench, heart sank

    Saw Junko in the line up, got pissed off

    First third was pretty decent, excitement in the air.

    Halftime - talking with friends, others, pyching up for the second. Past by one of the openings and saw that g#d#mn biddy soccer sh#t on the field.

    Screaming at Bradly to Sub Junko.
    Clint dissent-kicks a ball to get a yellow

    The kids come on the pitch...there's hope.

    After the match, heart sunken, trailing through the empty stadium... started to flash on how really good Rico and Eddie looked...wasn't enough.

    Remembered I had watned to take a close up look at the Dewars, yes that's Dewars not f#cking Hunt, Cup, but it was no where to be seen on display before or during the game. When it got wheeled out I wouldn't have noticed if Brittany Spears had been sitting on it.

    Remembered I had put a tape in so I could treasure our victory and see all the cool after interviews...sigh
    .....Replayed the 81 minute and marvelled at how blatent the hand ball was.

    Yeah, but for a good hour or so we had it within our grasp. For weeks before I was so psyched... Thanks for all the back n' forth on these boards that let us dream, hope, vent, cheer, bash, rant, sing praises, make good jokes, bad jokes....

    It really hasn't had the magic of the Aman, Petke, Mathis years....but for an hour or so it was almost better.
    Yeah I want Junko on the next flight out, I think Bradley has to improve as a coach. He's really pretty good, but he's gotta get better. Clint has to go away, RW should only play defense, Rico starts from here on in, someone talk to Edgar about how to set up a cross, Woly needs to learn to finish, Lissi should get more PT, Walker really did do that f#king hot dog move, didn't he...

    .....shet, it's starting again. We can be better. We can win. It's like crack, cocaine or cheap ripple, but I'm hooked. www.metroaddict.com

    casual fan, diehard.... would that it were so.
  12. red&black1

    red&black1 New Member

    Mar 8, 2003
    Kearny NJ

    Are u saying i'm not a real Metrofan?? I bleed red and black... last night i bled red and black.
    Of course everyone was frustrated--we lost!!!
    I get frustrated whenever we lose... that doesnt change anything on how i feel about the club.
    This team is still a big improvement over the past few years... the entire team history for that matter.

    the attitude of this team(except for Clint) is like night and day copmpared to the past years.... For that main reason I am very proud of my club!!!
  13. Detective40oz

    Detective40oz Member

    Jun 16, 2000
    Fairfax, VA
    DC United
    The fact the game was televised on a crappy weather night, high winds and cold also the same time as Red Sox vs. Yankees those are pretty tough odds to work against as far as attendance goes.
  14. riverplate

    riverplate Member+

    Jan 1, 2003
    Corona, Queens
    CA River Plate
    I think that's great. I never meant to indicate you weren't real.

    We agree.
  15. Frank Cunha

    Frank Cunha New Member

    Sep 17, 2001
  16. Inked AG

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    Jun 17, 2003
    I am digusted. First, how the *#*#*#*#*#*# do you beat the best team in the league 2-nil and then draw the worst team in the league? Whatever happened to building momentum?

    I think Clint Mathis is done. He was a good player 3 years ago. He underperforms regularly and if he does have a good game, he's praised as the best ever.

    Maybe the Metrostars should change their name. It worked for San Jose.

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