DFWAO Announces New President Kasey Baker

Discussion in 'Dallas Chapter' started by TheDallasPerspective, Dec 8, 2010.

  1. Hey Dallas soccer fans! Dave Sweeney here, your president for the past while! It’s been a great run and we have one of the premier chapters in the nation, but it’s time to hand the reins over to new, younger leadership! AO National and I have agreed to install Kasey Baker as the new president effective immediately!

    Kasey has been a longtime member of AO, has regularly attended our parties over the years, and has volunteered frequently for AO events. He has been in training since agreeing to take the post last September, and has shown initiative and leadership already in throwing the parties for the friendly, the (disappointing) World Cup host announcement, and in continuing our excellent relationship with FC Dallas! Kasey is also a traveler to several US matches domestically, and plans to remain as DFWAO President at least through Brazil 2014.

    As for me, I will stay on with AO, helping out the national organization as they need with things like special projects, etc. My season as a chapter leader has been unforgettable, and I appreciate all of you who supported and attended the growth of this exciting fan group!

    Please feel free to welcome Kasey aboard at this email address, dfwamericanoutlaws@gmail.com. If you’re interested in volunteering or in helping Kasey with group leadership, please contact him at your convenience and get on board this train early!

    Dave Sweeney, Former President, DFWAO

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