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    That’s right, the time has come to give away our biggest prize yet in our halftime raffle! All you need to do to be eligible to win is join Dallas American Outlaws before halftime of this match or already be a current member (who hasn’t won a prize already)!

    With passage to the hex round secured and Guatemala still in the hunt, we will get another look at our baby nats to see who will step up for the hex round. Also, we can get the first look at who will be joining the USA , Costa Rica , and El Salvador in the hex.

    Will Trinidad & Tobago hang on to their inside track?

    Who will emerge from Group B? Will Mexico choke big-time and take away our trip to Azteca? Will Jamaica keep up their incredible run by beating Canada and possibly leaving Honduras in heartbreak?

    Besides, getting together with your soccer pals for a few beers and a USMNT game is always a good thing to do!

    WHO: DFW American Outlaws

    WHAT: CONCACAF WCQ Semifinal Group Stage

    WHEN: Wednesday, November 19. Specials start at 6:30 PM, match kicks off at 7:00 PM CST

    WHERE: Industry Bar Dallas www.industrybardallas.com

    MORE INFO: www.myspace.com/dfwamericanoutlaws


    * Instant membership benefits! Just bring $15 cash or check (we don’t have the gear to take credit cards yet) and you can join AO immediately and receive immediate benefits, which include a t-shirt, bandana, and sticker or Dempsey poster!

    * Drink specials, including drinks named after USMNT players. To celebrate Landycakes, you could order a Blue Lady!

    * A room dedicated to AO! This room is brand new and includes four wall-mounted TV sets, pool tables, brand-new sound system, and its own bar!

    * The USMNT Young Boys stepping into their own and beating the crap out of Pescadito and the Guatty-Cats!


    * Industry Bar is in a dry part of Dallas (not Addison ) so you *MUST* present your drivers license at the door. If you have not been there before, you must sign a Privacy Policy, which acts as their “private club agreement.”

    * 21s and over ONLY (sorry all you over-18s … for afternoon games, we can do that, but for night games, we can’t)

    Let’s make our last party until February one that will see us through the long winter!

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