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Discussion in 'New England Revolution' started by DREWWW, Sep 6, 2007.


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    Wow, I Don't feel so bad for the USL-1 players anymore. I assume the rights to a player drafted lapse after a year if he isn't signed, think the revs could pick this guy up in the draft next year and offer him a Sr. spot? Push Reily and maybe Heaps for a starting spot.
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    I would love to go after Needham. And pulling him out from under DC makes it even better!
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    I had mentioned in another thread that we could fill the empty two roster spots with USL players; with apologies for repeating myself, the article says it better than I did. I agree with Monty on both counts. Picking up Needham would be good cover and a sharp stick in the eye for DCU.
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    I was almost sure that teams retained rights to drafted but unsigned players for TWO years from the draft not one, so Needham would become available as an MLS free agent after two years in other leagues.

    The whole development roster salary is foolish. They could double the salary and it would cost about $100,000 ($10K * 10 if I understand correctly) per team. I also note that MLS has include development players in the "we own your soul for 4 years" pool along with draftees.
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    you simply can't pay someone thousands under the poverty line. it's garbage. They could make more working at the mall. It's insulting and I do think it hurts MLS ultimately

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