Detroit (and Michigan) Soccer is Rolling

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    I posted recently in an old thread and the mod closed it... he said "We're not reviving threads dead for 6 yrs."

    Just encase somebody wanted to respond, here is what I wrote (with slight modifications).


    This initiative (bringing MLS to Detroit) has been going on for a long time. Since before the BS crash in 02. We have been through a lot.

    • MCS formed 2008
    • Detroit BS MLS expansion thread created in 2010
    • The silver dome plan in 2011
    • The silver dome owners trying to buy the jail site in 2013
    • Multiple NPSL team start ups: DCFC 2012, Lansing United 2014, AFC Ann Arbor 2016, Grand Rapids FC 2016, Kalamazoo FC 2016.
    • USL expansion talks in 2015
    • And now a new plan to join MLS
    We have come a long way in MI. We (MCS) obviously can't take credit for all the accomplishments... But I think the group we started has helped. We still have a ways to go, but it is exciting times to be a fan of soccer in this state.

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