Dest in Ajax vs AZ Alkmaar super sunday match 3/1/2020 20:00 CET

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  1. Two teams at spot 1 and 2 not in their best form and struggling with injuries have to win to keep ahead of the competition and to change the direct standing of their direct competition.
    If Ajax wins it's going to get tough for Feyenoord to challenge Ajax for the first spot.
    A draw would mean both are getting within reach of my club with direct confrontations with the two this month.
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  2. AZ can match a record held by Ajax and Sparta with 5 wins in a row against the traditional top 3.

    Ajax - AZ (zondag, 20.00 uur)

    • AZ won de laatste vier eredivisieduels met een team uit de traditionele top-3; het recordaantal zeges op rij is vijf en staat op naam van Ajax (in 1989 en 1995) en Sparta (in 1963).
    • Ajax verloor in eigen huis maar twee keer van AZ in de eredivisie (W33, G6) en kwam in de 41 thuisduels met de Alkmaarders 126 keer tot scoren, gemiddeld 3,1 per ontmoeting.
    • Alleen Ajax (73) kreeg dit seizoen minder schoten op doel tegen dan AZ (74), terwijl de Alkmaarders de ploeg zijn met de minste tegentreffers dit seizoen (17, gevolgd door Ajax met 20).

    Ajax - AZ (Sunday, 8 p.m.)
    • AZ won the last four Eredivisie matches with a team from the traditional top 3; the record number of victories in a row is five and is by Ajax (in 1989 and 1995) and Sparta (in 1963).
    • Ajax only lost to AZ twice in the Eredivisie (W33, D6)at home home and scored 126 times in the 41 home games with the Alkmaarders, averaging 3.1 per meeting.
    • Only Ajax (73) had fewer shots on goal this season than AZ (74), while the team from Alkmaard are the team with the least goals this season (17, followed by Ajax with 20).

    Probable line ups:
    Vermoedelijke opstelling AZ. © AD

    Vermoedelijke opstelling Ajax. © AD
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  3. Boadu with a goal in the 4th minute and at half time AZ because of wasted chances still 0-1 instead of 0-3.
    Second half kicks off and no changes in the teams.
  4. Dest changes direction shot causing Onna to put in a big save now.
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    May 31, 2016
    Dest got worked and led to a good opportunity***
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  7. 0-2 by Idrissi.
    Edit: maybe hands.
  8. 0-2 by Idrissi with a deep pass and nobody is back there.
  9. Filthy red card foul by Tagliafico, but no call. Stamps on purpose on his opponent.
  10. Dest gave a pass to Stengs at the mid circle. Luckily for him two Ajax players sandwiched Stengs, otherwise he would have a free road to Onana.
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    Dest hasn’t been good. Again.
  12. AZ beats again one of the top 3 teams. Iirc AZ managed a clean sheet in all those confrontations and Boadu scored 5 times against Feyenoord, PSV and Ajax.

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