Deflected pass Offsides? Draw a plane on the line?

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  1. GiggsNewWzrdOfHgwrts

    May 9, 2003
    Hi, thanks for the answers before, two more questions:

    1. If a ball defelcts off a defender to a player in an offsides position, is he still offsides?

    2. If you were to draw, say, a perpendicular plane straight up from the out of bounds lines to determine when the ball is completely out of bounds, would you draw this theoretical plane on the inside edge, middle or outside edge of the chalked white lines?

  2. jkc313

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    Nov 21, 2001
    1. A deflection does not "save" a player from being offside. Control by the defender would have to take place before offside could be reset.
    2.It would have to cross the outside edge in it's entirety before it would be out of play. Note, the opposite is true on a throw-in coming into play. It merely has to touch the same plane as before. That is, it doesn't have to come over the white line onto the field to be in play. Merely touching the outer edge or plane is sufficient.
  3. Buck25

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    Aug 10, 2003
    Ball out of bounds

    #1 I assume you mean the ball was originally played by an attacking player in which case offsides. On the other hand I had a situation this spring where a goalie while attempting to clear the ball deflected the ball off his teammate to an attacker in an offside position who then scores. Good goal.

    #2 I explain it this way. If the sun is directly overhead and any part of the ball's shadow catches the line, the ball is in play.
  4. GiggsNewWzrdOfHgwrts

    May 9, 2003
    Thanks, great responses.

    Thanks, great responses.

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