Dear FSC: Where Oh Where is the Brasileirao?!

Discussion in 'Business and Media' started by drc003, Sep 2, 2007.

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    Seriously FSC! I'm truly appreciative of all the great footy I get watch thanks to your network. The EPL, Serie A and even weekly Argentine match and highlight show. However we are still missing what is possibly the most enjoyable and exciting league in the world, The Brasileirao.

    Since GOL TV has given up their rights to this league it is undoubtedly time to bring it home to FSC. Please bring us a league where the champion is not already predetermined every season from a lot of 4-5 teams. A league where you never know who will be fighting the relegation battle every season, a league where you can watch the style of play that has produced 5 World Champions, a league where the best players on earth get their start!

    Bringing the Brasileirao to FSC is something that wouldn't just be a great bonus for all the football crazies like me. It is something that is a must for the youth players of the United States. The ability for them to watch the most creative and fun league in the world on a weekly basis would be an incredible asset to the development of the game in this country. The speed of thought, improvisation and instinctual clinical finishing of the Brazilian game is exactly what is missing from our players at every level.

    Please bring this league to us as soon as possible. One or two weekly games would be fantastic but I would definitely settle for a highlight show in the meantime. If you are an admirer of the beautiful game please sign on, kick this and help to bring such an exciting and passionate league into our homes!



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