dear doug, steve and tim

Discussion in 'LA Galaxy' started by dashiel, Nov 14, 2004.

  1. dashiel

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    Jul 15, 2000
    orange county
    i'm watching MLS cup from home, that's right, i missed 3 whole games at victoria street last year and 5 this year and all the play-off games, and yet i'm here at home watching. you know what i see, watching another MLS cup final at my home stadium? i see two teams playing some pretty decent, attacking and *gasp* exciting socccer! you know what else, neither team is the galaxy. i realize that may be stating the obvious to some people, but you lot don't seem to care who's or what is taking place at the HDC, as long as butts are in seats. you know how much it sucks watching two teams i hate, playing better soccer in my stadium? it's like watching another guy make out with your girlfriend in your own bed. bogus.

    know what else i see? i see a stadium not even close to sold out! we gave you tools the benefit of the doubt last season and still went to the cup final, because dammit we had a bad season, but it was our house. not this year you dicks. i'm pretty sure y'all are going to get another record for the HDC today. lowest attendance for a cup final ever! haha i hope that registers to someone somewhere with the power to fire your morons.

    but you guys don't care, sure you play some BS lip service in the press about exciting soccer, flagship team and other things that sound good, but you've done jack ********! but you don't care, you're making money now, dougie you got your precious "GM of the year" again. you made a profit again. you should thank your lucky stars that you have some goddamn loyal fans, that will sit through two seasons of ********, and give you their hard earned money. you don't though, you at best tolerate us. you cater to soccer moms and yuppie pricks who don't even watch the game; children running through empty seats beating each other with plastic horns. it's half time and i just heard the riot squad. yep, that's right, galaxy fans giving a special kind of love to both teams. i tip my hat to you guys, you're better fans than i.

    LA should have been the flagship team of this league, christ we even had a chance while the true flagship team slept through crappy coaches, but guess what. they're back. 3-1 up on the best defense in the league. and where are we? i wonder how many of our players, coaches and front office personnel are watching this. i sure hope you made them all come in and watch this game. it'd make me feel a bit better, though i'm not sure that they would care. i remember watching cien in the final against san jose, i remember seeing him collapse on the field and just bawl. that's a ********ing player. i watched the galaxy put up their pitiful attempt against KC and when it was all over i didn't see a single player collapse in tears, i didn't see single player leave their heart out there on the pitch, and that's what i pay for. losing hurts, as a fan or a player, but what hurts me as a fan even more than losing, is not even trying. i've paid more in the last two years, and watched a team that hasn't even tried. that hurts.

    so you know what. since you don't understand anything but money, i'm out. one person isn't much, and i'm sure i'll get ******** from die hards for not supporting the team, but this is american and the only thing that counts for anything is money. so like i said i'm out. until one of the following happen:

    1) doug hamilton is fired


    2) our next coach manages to instill some heart, passion and tactics in to the los angeles galaxy. i say next cause you seriously think steve "players need to play my system" sampson can do that? you're joking.

    it's going to be sad, i love watching soccer, i love victoria street. the riot squad are some of the greatest fans in the league, but until the players, front office and management show the same amount of effort i put in to making the money i spend on the team, i'm going to save my money.
  2. Boricua

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    Jul 5, 2001
    Reseda, CA

    For the past few years I've been going to less and less games. I guess now with this coach I'll be going to only a few and the playoffs. (if they get that far).

    Play good you get my cash. Play like sh!+ and you won't get sh!+ from me($).
  3. cl_hanley

    cl_hanley New Member

    Sep 3, 2001
    Costa Mesa
    Well, I can sympathize with dashiel, but most likely I'll be buying my tickets again. I'm a soccer fan before I'm a Galaxy fan, so I'll continue to support the league even if my team half-asses its way through games or can't be bothered to bring their A game to away venues, etc. I well remember the era of no professional soccer in this country, and returning to that time would be my worst nightmare.
  4. Topper

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    Oct 19, 1999
    Los Angeles Galaxy
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    United States
    I certainly respect your opinion, and I opted to stay home today even though I had Cup tix x2 as part of my Season Ticket package, but I'll be back next year simply because I've been bitten by the bug since 97 and it's too hard for me to stay away from Victoria Street, bacon-wrapped dogs, and my beloved Galaxy.

    My kids are the ones running around the empty green seats, beating the snot out of each other with the inflatable "thunder sticks". :D Anything to keep 'em busy. ;)

  5. dashiel

    dashiel Member+

    Jul 15, 2000
    orange county
    i had to make some bacon wrapped dogs at home last night. it's not quite the same, but parking is cheaper ;)
  6. galaxycrazy

    galaxycrazy New Member

    Jan 27, 2002
    I've got a big thanks to Doug for showing his support of the Galaxy, not!!!
    At the game yesterday he had his kid wearing an Adu jersey!! :mad:
  7. aaron90025

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    May 1, 2003
    W.Los Angeles
    Dashiel, I understand your frustration. But since you were obviously so pissed off on Sunday that you had to post this long thread we as fellow Galaxy supporters, have the right to respond.

    1)You know what it does suck to see two other teams playing for the cup in our stadium. You obviously forgot that we only came 1 game away, that's right 1 game away form being there. You seem to have forgotten that or maybe you share the american way of thinking with the "if were not first, we're last" mentality.

    2)Did it really surprise you to see the stadium not sold out? Don't you realize the reason why was because The Galaxy weren't in it. That's how die hard we are about are team. Even if we lose we still support our team by not showing up to weatch other people take our trophy! I guarantee you the first game next season will be a sell out!....again!

    3)You've paid more in thelast two years to watch a team that doesn't even try? Now come on kid....that doesn't even make sense. You are a fan and your job as fan is to spend money and support your team no matter what place their in. If I were your Galaxy sales rep and heard you say that I would give you your money back and black list you from my stadium!(but thats just me)

    4)You're last comments about being out until things change was the one that seriously got to me. This proves my point more than anything about the problem with the american sports fan. This is why almost no professional sport played in the us ends in a tie. This is why only when you're basball team after so many years finally makes it to the playoffs you start to see all the actors and bandwagon jumpers at the games. pLease don't tell me that you are one of these fans that if your team isn't in first you refuse to support them. Because if you are then you're fake! And you're a bandwagoneer.

    Yes, i would like to see DH gone. I disagree with you about sampson. Give him one full season and then make judgement. Like I said to one guy before. Be honest, if the galaxy won the cup yesterday would you have said any of this? That's what I thought.

    all in all i understand your frustrations and with most of your comments I agree. But I will never stop attending games and I will never stop supporting my galaxy team no matter how bad things are going....because I'm not a fake fan!
  8. dashiel

    dashiel Member+

    Jul 15, 2000
    orange county
    i didn't forget. if we had been in the game yesterday i completely admit that i would have been ecstatic and standing in 138, but to be totally honest it would have been a very guilty ecstasy. our play during the 2nd half of the season has been abysmal, as has the attitude of too many players. this isn't a case of being 1 game away and being pissed off. we've been one or two goals away from winning it all on three occasions. each time i was gutted, but very proud of the team. this isn't that situation. i don't feel pride at all in our team and haven't done for two years.

    did it surprise me? you know it did.

    34,000 fans in foxboro watched dc beat the galaxy in 1996
    51,000 fans in pasadena watched chicago beat dc in 1998
    44,000 fans in foxboro watched dc beat the galaxy (again) in 1999
    39,000 fans in d.c. watched kansas beat chicago
    21,000 fans in columbus (sell out) watched san jose beat the galaxy in 2001
    27,000 fans in carson (sell out) watched san jose beat the fire in 2003

    the only game that drew less fans than sunday was the game in columbus, which was a sell out and i believe over capacity. so yes, i was surprised.

    the first game this season wasn't a sell out, why would next season be?

    that's what i have been doing for the last two years. spending loads of money (i had mid-field tickets last season) on a team that wasn't trying very hard. i wouldn't have a problem supporting a team that was trying, but losing. this team isn't doing that though.

    well first of all i'm english ;) but secondly i'm not a bandwagon fan at all i've been a galaxy fan from day one. what i meant by out wasn't not continuing my support of the team, but i'm not going to give doug money upfront any more.

    i've said this in other threads, and as unfair as it may be to sampson, hamilton hired him because he thought sampson could accomplish things sigi could not. both hamilton and sampson knew full well there were only 8 games left, and so they must have truly thought and believed sampson could have a) got the galaxy to the final, b) produced exciting soccer or c) done something to enhance team spirit. on all accounts they failed and should be held accountability. had sampson been brought in at the beginning of the season or mid-way i would be more forgiving.

    like i said, had the galaxy won i would have been thrilled, but a bit guilty as we wouldn't have deserved it based on our play over the second half of the season.

    i fully respect your decision, not giving doug money is mine. i will still more than likely go to loads of games, i'm just not giving them money upfront this next season.

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